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Hey ya’ll.

If you follow me on snap (autumnhachey) or even on IG (yay for stories!).. You might have heard that … drumroll…… I’m giving my kitchen a mini-DIY makeover! *happy feet*.

I’ve been living in my humble basement apartment for five years now and after completing my diploma in Interior Design I’ve been dying to put some of my skills to work. I took the program online, so there wasn’t much real world application. I’ve given some advice and put together some plans for friends, but I figure the best place to gain some real world experience is in my own house. Unfortunately, I’m a renter- so I don’t have the luxury of just going ham on my place and investing $$ to renovate it how I would like. On the other hand- it’s already been five years and I don’t have any immediate plans to purchase my own house- so enough is enough. I’m tired of living in this half in-half out world where I am not, settled.. if that makes sense.

I made a convincing proposal to my super-star 80 somethin’ landlady Rosa and THANKFULLY- she agreed! She’s given me a modest budget to work with- and anything above and beyond will be coming out of my own pocket. Again- as I am renting I am not planning to put a lot of my own $ into it- so I’ll be doing er’thang on the cheap. I’ve been pinning like a madman and I have some ideas for what I’m looking to do. I’m also highly ADD so I’ve already ripped down the top set of cupboards before I even finished my plan. They don’t teach you that in the program, I promise.

For me when I’m decorating, there’s always a jumping off point. One item that really starts to get the brain ticking and get your creative juices flowing. Sometimes it’s a rug, or a piece of art. For me this time, it was the backsplash of all things. I found one pin on Pinterest and it put me into a whirlwind of ceramic tiled pins. I did a little bit of research on my “dream tiles” and unfortunately for me, they are a bit too far out of my budget. Maybe for my real home someday ;).

Through my pins, I have been finding that I have a bit of a heart for dark grout. This was not something I was considering in the beginning stages of planning, but as I was pinning I’ve really been finding I love the almost vintage feel you can achieve with the contrast of a darker grout.

Without further ado, dip your toes in or dive right in to this sea of pins that are currently inspiring me.

You can follow along on Pinterest for real-time updates (sometimes at warp speed, you’ve been warned!) **






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What do you think of going to the dark side?



How I Stay Organized Through the Week (Sunday Ritual)

Today.. I woke up late. There was no toothpaste and I forgot my “work backpack” at my parent’s house.. the one that has my swipe card key in it.. that I’ve replaced twice and have had to embarrassingly walk up to the payroll department to beg for a new one.. (Seriously, it’s embarrassing- I’m that guy). My lunch is half assed because we didn’t do groceries yesterday.. I look tired, because I am.. and I don’t feel 100% ready to take on this gigantic week ahead of me. I’ve been meaning to write this post EVERY SUNDAY since I started a blog, but I figured since it fits really nicely in with my current state- I might as well do it today.

Sundays for me are like rituals. I have actually come to really love Sunday because for me, Sunday sets the tone. A great Sunday means a great week. Sundays are for getting organized, relaxing, visualizing a productive week, catching up on podcasts and calling Mom. Here’s a few things that I *typically* try to do every Sunday that I find really help me get my life on track after a sometimes more rowdy Friday and Saturday 😉 (Balance, amiright?).

1: Sundays are for cleaning.

My mama always taught me that a clean space makes for a clean mind. She’s right. When my house is a mess I can’t think right. Sundays, I go all the f out on cleaning. It’s kind of like a Beyonce concert for folding laundry. Kind of. In the sense that I full on bust out formations in my living room while folding dem’ werk clothes. We used to have a Sunday list (what happened to that Bo?).. But basically, it kinda went sometime like this:

Make the bed





Feed Hamburger- our hamster

Meal Prep



Water the plants & the garden

Then there’s bigger tasks that I wouldn’t say we do weekly, but more like bi weekly- or if I am not lying to you, monthly.. haha.. Which is thoroughly clean the washroom, change the hamster cage, wash and change the sheets etc.

Here’s another handy tip for all you friends in relationships. (I feel like at the ten plus years mark I’m allowed to give some advice.) A system my Boo and I use to make sure we are sharing the load of cleaning tasks- is a calendar system. Any time we do a task, we write it on the calendar with our name beside it. It just makes it really fair that nobody gets stuck on dishes for 12 loads in a row.

2: Groceries & Meal Prep

We do all of our groceries on Sunday AND we get our meals prepped for the upcoming week. For me.. the last thing I want to do at night after work is think about making a meal for the next day. So on Sunday’s- we batch prepare a bunch of food for the upcoming week. Usually a handful of chicken breasts.. we’ll cut up and pre-bag our veggies.. Ground turkey, brown rice- etc. Then.. each day for work everything’s already cooked, you just have to throw it in your lunch bag! It is not only convenient- it really helps you make better eating decisions each day as it’s already all prepared.

3: Check the weather, your calendar & set out your outfits

This is one I sometimes do- and when I do.. I thank myself forever. If I can be organized enough to have my outfits ready, it definitely helps for a smoother week. I usually look at my schedule first to see what I have going on that week. Depending if I have important meetings, or more casual days propping in the studio- it helps me determine what I’m going to wear. Throw the layer of weather on top, and I’m good to go! I just line everything up in my closet ready to go. The less decisions you have to make in the morning, the more sharp the old brain is for more important decisions. It’s true. 


If I am like, a VIP Super star and I want to win the Sunday ritual award, I’ll actually pre-set up links to podcasts or videos to listen to in the morning before work. I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with learning.. I try to maximize my time, so when I am getting ready for work I almost ALWAYS have a podcast/video playing. Right now, I toggle between:

The Ask Gary Vee Show (Marketing)

The Joe Rogan Podcast (Everything! Lots of really intelligent banters and thought provoking conversations)

The Jess Lively Show (Blogging, relationships, wellness)

Alex Beadon (Marketing, blogging, branding)

and Girlboss Radio. (Girl Boss Interviews with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso)

I mostly love marketing based podcasts, so if you’ve got a recommendation- send it over!

Now, to go buy some toothpaste and pull my week together.





Life Updates & Ramblings

In no particular order, a few things that have been happening lately in my life.

1: GOODFOOD is changing my LIFE YA’LL. 


If you’re a friend of mine on Snapchat (autumnhachey) – which you betta’ be.. you would know that I have been whipping up some MEAN meals in my kitchen lately. Like, stuff I can’t even pronounce… Like it almost looks like I know what I am doing. If you can believe this, I have never in ten years cut an onion, until now. I wish that was a joke. Growing up I was the pickiest eater you could ever imagine. I am spice illiterate and have absolutely been scared of trying new things in the kitchen. (Movie announcer voice) Until Now.

Make Goodfood is AMAZING. Basically, it’s a meal delivery kit. You sign up and they send you a package of food each week. (You can opt out of weeks if you don’t want them every week). The box comes from Montreal and all the food is locally sourced and organic. The box comes with all your meals (we do three).. the recipe, and the pre portioned amounts of everything. For someone like me, this has been seriously life changing. I have previously been very reserved and non-experimental in the kitchen and dinner usually consisted of whatever was fastest.. I am actually finding that I am enjoying cooking- it’s crazy! My favourite recipes so far: Rotelle and Beef Stir-Fry, Mexicano Wraps, Veggie Fajitas, Pork Rigatoni Bolognese. Mmmmm. The boxes that I order (there’s a few options) are $60 a week for 3 meals x 2 people. So approx $10 a meal. If you were to buy the groceries yourself I am sure you would save a lot of money- but for me.. it’s really a chance to experiment with new foods, spices and get more comfortable cooking! I’ve already ordered like 4 boxes.. So in love! AND.. you can help me eat more good food, while I help you eat good food..If you use this link to sign up, you will give me $25 off my next box, while saving yourself $25 off your first box. WIN WIN.

2: I am SO late to the game, but like.. OITNB?!


I don’t know how it took me THIS LONG but I just started watching Orange is the new Black. Obsessed. My new BFF Dani tipped me off.. which brings me to my next item..



If you saw this post on Instagram you would have heard a little bit about Bumble BFF. What, you may ask is Bumble BFF? Well, it’s like Tinder for best friends. I read about Bumble BFF in a Mashable article .. and working in social media I always try to get a first hand look at new platforms. I was big on Meerkat for five seconds ;). So I added the app, filled in a profile and went to town swiping away. I have some solid friends back in my hometown, but in the city it is hard to meet and make new friends! When I was creeping bumble I was looking for ladies with similar interests. Dani is a photographer and videographer- I’m totally into both of those things so I thought we would get along for sure. Mya, loves Sangria. Done. Match made in heaven. Dani and Mya were friends already so I kind of snuck up into their Girl Gang. We arranged our first meeting… a 5 hour roadtrip to and from Honey Harbour.. and we filmed it. And it was awesome.  Stay tuned for the full video where we chat a little bit about friendship making in your twenties- and keep your eyes out for some awesome content coming from this squad!

FYI in case you were wondering.. Romper is from Zara, Hat is from H &M (last season). You have to wear a hat to be in our club….;)

AND.. if you plan on giving the app a try (do it).. we are actually hosting the first ever Bumble BFF Meetup in Canada! How fun does this look? (From their Austin meetup!)12132707_1714498568798593_572641669_n

4: Christmas in July

Working in retail is the weirdest thing. The calendar sitting on my desk says July, August, September, October… You have to plan SoooOOoOOo ridiculously far in advance. Right now we’ve just started working on plans for our next Hello Lookbook.. We had an awesome brainstorming session with the Hello Yellow team and got to spend some quality time cheersing champagne in Melissa’s beautiful and super inspiring studio. (Not the worst job!). Melissa decked the halls and got us into the Holiday spirit- despite it being almost 30 outside. It was so great having the team all together (We missed you Julie!) And extra props to Joanna for coming all the way from Quebec. It was such a pleasure to meet you in person!






We’ve got big plans for our next launch, some that might even include a magazine you may have hear of.. Style at Home anybody? Stay tuned! 😉

We’re going to Pittsburgh!


You know me.. Any chance I can hop on a plane a jet somewhere new I am game. I’ve been finding that working a full time job can be tough when it comes to booking time off. In my case.. with only ten vacation days a year it can be tricky.  As much as I would love to jet set out to Bali for a few months, right now that is not realistic. So.. I’ve opted to start looking into taking smaller trips on the weekends where I still get to see somewhere new, but I am not flying accross the world. *Disclaimer.. I’ll say that this is what I am doing in ADDITION to fully maximizing my ten days by going as far and wide as I can on my actual va-cay days;)!

Usually when I am planning a trip I’ll do it kind of DIY style. Booking cheap flights + staying in Air Bnbs. Well.. I’ve found another option that is also great for short weekend trips and doesn’t kill the bank account, Porter Escapes my friend. These bite-size vacations are perfect for getting away on a weekend and seeing something new. Porter is Canadian, they have quick check ins, short lines.. and they feed you amazing vegetable chips on the plane…..and free booze. What more could you possibly ask for?

Bo and I are heading out mid-August to Pittsburgh! I know, you’re probably saying WHY Pittsburgh? You would be surprised! When I was doing a little research I was very pleasantly surprised to see that Pittsburgh is really reviving itself as a city, there’s lots to see in terms of art and places to eat. I can’t wait to share my trip with ya’ll! *Photo above is from The Vandal- a restaurant on our hit list!  Be sure to follow our hashtag, #autumnandbodotheworld

5 other quick things!

  • I started a new workout program two weeks ago with a new trainer I found through a friend. It is hard f*kcing work, but I am loving it so far. Hard work pays off!
  • I maaay have convinced my landlord to give me a modest budget to DIY renovate our kitchen. Kind of wildly excited.
  • I had an eye appointment like two months ago and I FINALLY go my sh*t together and ordered a pair of glasses. I got them from Warby Parker… A little bit nervous about ordering glasses online, but I’ve heard good things so I am going to give it a shot. I also heard they are getting a shop in Toronto, which would be amazing.. but I am like half blind, so I can’t wait until then. I can’t wait to read street signs again!
  • For all my DIY frands, Melissa from the Sweet Escape is holding a DIY Macrame Class next Tuesday. You should come.

Alright, that’s all folks. In closing.. Always trust your gut instinct. I learned recently the hard way. Sometimes other people will have opinions, and sometimes you need to just listen to your own instincts and do what you think is best.