Mc’Valentine’s Day

Happpppy Valentine’s Day!

I think tradition is so important, and adds that extra little sparkle to every day life. Having something to look forward to experiencing year after year. Well.. have I got a cute tradition for you! I have shared this story in past years- but now that we’ve moved into our dream apartment #OurBadassMainfloor– this year is the first time  ever in our dating history- we have our own dining table to eat at! 

So, let me get into the story!

Firstly, this year will be our 13th Valentine’s Day together (seriously!). We started dating waaaaay back in highschool when we were in grade 10.. Aka, 14 years old! (Legit, MSN status couple. *~LoVe Ya~*)

So, when Bo asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine’s Day, I answered as any 14 year old girl would. McDonald’s- Duh.

He told me to meet him at his place after school so his parents could drive us a town over to grab our Micky D’s.. but when I got to his place, his parents van was gone so I was a little confused.. I knocked on the door and Bo answered it… He had the kitchen decked out full on with roses, a tablecloth, candles, and sitting on the table in fancy dinnerware.. our McDonald’s. He even had a bottle of Pepsi upside down in a wine cooler. And as if that wasn’t enough, once dinner was done.. Mcflurries.. hidden in the freezer in fancy sundae glasses.

This guy.

SO.. every few years, tradition takes over and it’s a “McDonald’s Year”.. This year, is one of those years- where we break out the candles, pour some champagne, and eat burgers and junior chickens. We decided it would be great to finally document our little tradition so we invited my friend and incredible photographer Scarlet O’Neill over to capture the memories for us.
























Thanks for reading! Now go smooch someone and tell them you love them, over a big mac ;).

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A Whimsical Valentines Day Soiree

Please tell me what is more fun than gathering a couple of gals, breaking open the rose, and filling your apartment with balloons? (not much if you ask me)..

I recently met Joelle and Sabrina one day at Love Child Social– a new and upcoming coworking space for entrepreneurs + creatives. We hit it off chatting about the industry, blogging, and of course.. thrift shopping. *wink* & soon after began planning a way to collaborate together.

When Joelle mentioned the idea of a whimsical Valentine’s Day shoot- I jumped on board and offered up #OurBadassMainfloor as the location. It was the perfect backdrop for literally, hundreds of balloons, flowers, and the most stunning dresses from Honey.

I mentioned in a recent Instagram post how wild it is that Instagram is literally like a second little world. Full of creative people you may have otherwise never met in your lifetime. As much as Instagram gets a bad rap (and believe me, I shout from rooftops about how annoying and shady IG can be).. it’s actually really really insane to think about how many relationships- REAL relationships with people we’ve made because of this little phone app.

I had already followed Sabrina and Joelle on Instagram- so before meeting them in person, I already felt like I kinda knew them. We likely wouldn’t have stopped to chat to each other at Love child had we not already known each other online. It’s crazy to think about how many incredible connections we’ve all been able to make from social media that we might have never encountered otherwise. This shoot was definitely validation that social media can be an incredible tool if we  leverage it to cultivate real relationships and kick ass collaborations!

We gathered up a super talented team with Charuk Studios on photography, Balloon Bar TO with all the most feminine and lovely balloons, Honey dresses, Aldo shoes (their Valentine’s Day collection is so fun! I was obsessed with Joelle’s heart shoes!).. and stunning bouquets by FM florals. 

So, with that..I present our editorial story below. Nothing but love.


split 1




















Thank you SO much for stopping by! Have an amazing rose-infused Valentine’s Day!

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Joelle from La Petite Noob + Sabrina from My.Miau


LOCATION: Our Badass Mainfloor (Want to rent it for your shoot? Send me an email at:

PHOTOGRAPHER: Charuk Studios

MAKEUP:  Logan Salter (my makeup only)

HAIR: Joshua from  Parlour Hair Salon (my hair only)

Dresses: Honey

Shoes: Aldo Shoes (Autumn, Sabrina, Joelle)

Heart Sunnies: Aldo

Balloons: The Balloon Bar TO

Florals: FM Floral


Red Velvet Chairs (Vintage), Brass mushroom lamp, Juju hat, Vintage ChandelierAstin SofaBarcartGlass Pitcher (Vintage), Brass Matchstick Holder (Vintage), Vintage Decanters, Swan Lamp


shiny things syndrome

Shiny Things Syndrome

I, Autumn Hachey… have shiny things syndrome. What may you ask is that? It’s really, wanting to do all the things.

The internet is BUSY. biiiizay. And there are so many amazing shiny things on the internet. You can literally learn anything. The internet does a great job at for lack of a better term, inundating you with inspiration, ideas, things to do, watch, learn, join. (And lots of the time they are awesome things!)

On any given day there’s thousands of masterclasses, hundreds of private Facebook groups, books, webinars, printable worksheets, courses, challenges.

And I, self admittedly, am a bit of a.. course collector?? LOL.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever joined a challenge, bought a course or a book..or printed out a downloadable workbook.. and then proceeded to actually do none of it?

I have actually spent real money on online courses that I have never even opened.

And why? WHYYYY is this?

Failure to plan my time. Overwhelmed. Too much choice. And always wanting the next shiniest thing. That new nugget of knowledge. And this infamous idea that.. “I’ll do this later, in my spare time.”




Please tell me more about this magical thing you call, Spare Time. Spare time, sheeeeeeesh, I feel like I don’t have ANY time, much less SPARE time. Why is that? Connor Franta said it pretty well in his book Note to Self:

“WHY IS EVERYONE IN SUCH A DAMN HURRY? Why the constant rush? Why are people always running late? Who will die if that email isn’t answered in moving traffic? Can we just sit down, breathe, and enjoy a minor pause for like, two minutes? I just don’t get it. I feel like time has increasingly become like currency in today’s world, and everyone around me seems to be going broke, at warp speed. A mass poverty of patience is leading to giving less attention to the things that really matter: being present in the moment, actively participating in social interactions without distractions from our devices, and actually listening to one another, really listening.”

Well said Connor. If you are a modern day hustling creative chicka like I am.. Whether we would like to admit it or not, spare time is a thing of the past. Time.. has turned itself into the most valuable asset you have. Time is precious. And you need to MAKE time,  and plan for the things you want to accomplish, if you want to accomplish them.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned through years producing magazines and developing content strategies, it’s that planning is vital to success. While Deadlines, schedules and work backs may not sound super sexy,  having a clear vision, a path, and a plan will help you ACTUALLY achieve your goals. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind without poking your head up to see the whole picture. When I’m goal planning I love to see a holistic view at everything I want to accomplish, and when.

So, that said.. As I start to put pen to paper plan my 2018 goals, there’s a few main tactics I’m using to make sure my goals are not just “resolutions” that will fall to the wayside. I’m making actionable plans that span the whole year and I’m road mapping exactly how I am going to make them happen. Here are a few guiding principles I’ll be following to make these dreams a reality!


What is most important to me? If family is an important core value to me, then the same way I plan out a holistic marketing strategy, I need to plan out family time- or it just won’t happen. For me, I want to have my goals span past business. I want a rounded out set of goals that also take into consideration my relationships, my friends, my family, and my health and wellness among other things.


Okay, you know what your core values are. You know what is important to you. Now, is when you need to focus. What are those big bets. What is that shining star? If you’re like me.. you will want to say yes to lots of things. You might be tempted by shiny new courses on the internet. You might start 8 things and finish none. The key here, is focus and discipline. Will this new course/book/etc help propel you towards your ultimate goals? Or is is just another thing on your plate cluttering your mind from focusing on your goals? Have discipline. Finish what you start. Do things thoroughly. Stop skimming. Dive deep. Immerse yourself. Carve the time out, and hand over your attention.

3: PLAN:

Everything needs a plan. Just like you can’t renovate your kitchen, or launch a brand without a plan, the same goes for goal setting.

It’s a goal to “get fit”.

It’s a strategy to: hire a trainer, get a gym membership, make weekly meal plans, track your macros, set a gym schedule, follow the gym schedule, and track your progress in an app.

And it all starts from reverse engineering the “big goal idea” into bite size, actionable steps you can take to get there.


And while strategy is great and very necessary, more so then that is actually.. yup, the hardest part: Putting your head down and actually doing the work.


This is one I am not always the best at, but is definitely important. Tracking your progress, staying on top of your goals, and celebrating your tiny victories!

What is your biggest juiciest dreamiest goal this year? 

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Have Yourself A Vintage Little Christmas

Deco the Halls! For all my loyal readers, you’re probably wondering.. Autumn, where you been? And for all you new folk who stumbled over to this holiday creative.. welcome! So happy you’re here. Well, a lot has changed in the past couple months. A. Lot. Like.. I don’t know, first and foremost— We moved! Not only did we move, we moved from our humble basement apartment, into an absolutely heart-string pulling main floor apartment in Parkdale. Remember when I used to fantasize about having space with light, and high ceilings? Well, my prayers were answered and here we are. We moved in November 1st and it’s been a bit of a dream come true. And yes, we did pop champagne the day we moved, as promised ;). Our apartment size pretty much quadrupled so it’s going to take us some time to really make it feel and look like home.. but, we’ve managed to pull together the cutest dang dining nook I think I’ve ever seen (possibly biased). The day we moved in I decided I wanted to pull together a little team to shoot my first creative in the new space..I’m very proud of our little team and am so thankful to everyone who made the time.  So, without further ado, I present our totally non-traditional Vintage Christmas holiday soiree below.



Originally when I was moodboarding I knew I wanted the tablescape to feel moody with dark rouges, mustard yellows and orange tones. After seeing everything in place with my vintage pink cantilever dining chairs— I knew immediately I wanted to ground the setting with contrasting deep green matte plates. How lovely is pink and green? I found matching green candlesticks at Yummi candles and paired them with thrifted brass candlesticks (always grab these when you see them!) I went fairly simple with the plate settings, opting for a clementine and a sprig of seeded eucalyptus. An icelandic sheepskin throw just makes the space feel cozy and hygge.





Believe it or not, this was really my first attempt ever at floral arranging. Having a dining table is a brand new luxury for Bo and I as our last apartment didn’t have the space for it. (Which was also the driving force behind me wanting to really polish off this space first!) I’m pretty smitten with my Bower chandelier from West Elm. I think it is a perfect dash of Art Deco. And of course, as my friend Lauren says.. You know you’ve made it when you have a marble top tulip table ;). This table was definitely a splurge for us but I think at this point in our lives we’ve outgrown disposable furniture and are really ready to start investing in high quality pieces that will stand the test of time. I am a huge advocate of mixing high and low, as you’ll see throughout the shoot, many of the details peppered in are vintage finds.DSCF2724

 A big perk of moving downtown is that I am now neighbours with Aleshia. Aleshia writes over at Less with Bread and she created this delicious Winter panzanella salad for the spread.
Autumn Hachey Blog Aleshia Pinto
Autumn Hachey Blog Have Yourself a Vintage Little Christmas


My apartment is truly an eclectic mixture of the eras, and I feel my style is as well. I wanted to unleash my inner velvet-suit wearing vintage pin up so I made my way over to Parlour Salon to have my hair styled in 40’s waves. We actually created a video so you can see the whole process. Katie from Beyond looks is my go-to makeup artist, ALWAYS. This girl knows my face like the back of her hand and she nailed the sassy vintage vibe I was going for.

(Ps, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, there will be a lot more coming down the pipelines on Youtube in 2018!)



Our circle brass barcart is stocked with almost all thrifted and vintage barware. I found some new favourite shops earlier this year when I was at the Leslieville Flea. (Like how amazing is that set of brass coups and the matching decanter from Fat Daschshund?).. A lot of the other barware on the top is from my weekly trips to the Salvation army. And, if you haven’t heard yet.. I spontaneously decided to open up my very own vintage shop, Make Moves Vintage. It’s where you’ll find that special piece for when you quit your job, cut your hair, get a tattoo, move to the West end, and …open up your own vintage shop. ;).



I was obsessed with these brass Palm Tree candlestick holders as soon as I saw them. They may be something that lives on the mantel past the holidays. For the wreath, I made it myself using a giant brass hoop from Lens Mills. I used real flowers for this wreath and made it the night before the shoot.. in the future I might lean more towards beautiful faux flowers so it can last well past the holiday season. For the greenery, I went with traditional pine and a mixture of eucalyptus. We secured it using some small pieces of wire attached to removable hooks.





And what’s a holiday creative without a delicious charcuterie board? Aleshia put this board together with charcuterie, whipped ricotta, herb crostini with chestnut honey.

Anchored by a stunning agate platter, and adorned with beautiful agate handled knives, it almost looks too good to eat…. Almost. (It was delicious). 

Thank you so much for reading. I’m so excited to be sharing more decor and styled creatives in my new space — so stay tuned. Happy holidays!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Kassandra Dekoning

MAKEUP:  Beyond Looks Makeup

HAIR:  Katie from Parlour Salon

FOOD & FOOD STYLING: Less with Bread




Brass mirror (Vintage), Dining Chairs (Vintage) , Marble Top Tulip Table, Icelandic sheepskin throw, Brass Vase, Mustard Glassware (Vintage) Matte Green Plates, Brass Candlesticks (Vintage), Green candles, Brass Flatware, Gold Rimmed Coups (Vintage), Barcart, Faux Fur Stockings, Green Trees, Pink sherbet glasses (Vintage), Glass Pitcher (Vintage), Gold rimmed champagne flutes (Vintage), Brass Matchstick Holder (Vintage), Ceramic Leopard (His name is Jackson-Vintage), Bower Chandelier, Four Blocks Serving Bowl, Green Velvet Pant Suit, Burgundy Bralet, Brass Palm Tree Candlesticks, Astin Sofa, Green and Brass Tray, Coffee Table (Custom), Mustard Pintuck Cushion, Marble + Wood cutting board (Homesense), Agate platterAgate cheese knives,