Allo mate!

You maaayyyy have noticed the influx of coffee shop photos on my IG feed. If you haven’t, you must not be on Instagram because my feed is drenched in caffeine rn.



One day, while riding the bus to my freelance job, I was struck with an idea.

Why not.. combine my love for visiting thoughtfully designed coffee shops, with my passion to help people? One of the things I’ve come to realize while doing my “NY Reso” planning.. was that in past years I haven’t yet put much emphasis on giving back. My goals have always been, well.. I guess sort of self centered, mostly focused around my personal career goals and travel plans. (Which don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of goals for both  of those categories ;)!)

And while I would really love to volunteer at say.. an animal shelter, or something to that nature.. I felt.. why not help people with what I am really great at? And then, literally without planning a thing.. while I was sitting on the bus.. I made a Facebook status. The status read:


Let me mention too.. that I am a planner. I like to be methodical about what I am getting myself into. I like to make detailed lists, look at the big picture.. holistically get an idea of what I want to do.

This, was completely spontaneous and spur of the moment. Before I was able to talk myself out of this idea, and before I was able to think about all of the “What-Ifs”.. the post was published.. and I already had 8 comments from people who were interested (without very much information on what exactly I was even offering).

It’s funny.. I had my second of 52 coffee dates yesterday with an old friend Soph.. And as soon as we got on the phone she asked “So, what is this 52 Coffee dates things?”.. To which I replied “I’m not really sure yet!”.

I think I have a natural knack for inspiring people. I think that I’ve always kind of had a bit of a go-getter-anything-is-possible attitude..and sometimes it rubs off on people, and sometimes it inspires people to chase after their own dreams.. or at least think about it. And like I said in my status.. I do not know it all.. Not even close..

But.. I do find that my inbox has a steady stream of people reaching out with questions related to blogging, social media, and business. And I do think that over the past 4 or so years though, I’ve crammed quite a bit of great information into this noggen of mine, and I have no reservations about sharing it. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.. There is more than enough room in this world, and on this internet.. for all of us to be wildly successful.

So.. Alas.. #52CoffeeDates was born.

So what exactly is #52CoffeeDates? Well. I am not sure yet. So far.. I’ve skyped with two super-awesome gals. In both cases, it was a bit of a friendly catch-up conversation.. followed by some chat about dreams, ideas, goals.. and in both cases, I shared a few small pieces of advice based on what I was hearing, and based on what I was noticing or seeing from an outside perspective into their digital footprints.

And you know what? I feel like every one of these conversations is going to be completely different. I am not going in with a master plan, or an agenda.. I am really just shooting the shit over a coffee, and hopefully.. in some form or another, I am bringing my coffee dates a tiny nugget of value. I’m sure over the year it will evolve as I am really just feeling it out, but I can’t wait to revisit all my coffee dates and take a vested interest in their businesses and ideas.

And if you’re wondering why 52.. this is because I want to talk with one new person every single week.. all year. (Boom, how’s that for goals?) So far I’m 2/2.

Here’s a couple high level goals I have for this series..

More meaningful connections/Put the SOCIAL back in Social Media:

I hope to make deeper connections with “acquaintances” I have on social media. Be it an old friend from highschool.. someone I’ve crossed paths with through work.. or even people who found me in the depths of the internet who I don’t even know yet. I want to talk to, and get to know you all.. and offer my help however I think I can. I’ll tell you.. there’s not much that lights me up more than watching other people succeed. I love giving people that tiny push in the right direction and watching them just take off, full force towards what they love.

Get out of my house and meet people IRL

IRL, for all of those who don’t live on the internet, means In Real Life. Any time I can physically meet someone in a cute coffee shop downtown.. I am going to do just that.. I’m actually going to try to do this for my Skype dates too. I live in an AMAZING city with endless options for coffee, and this year, I am going to cross as many of those adorable establishments off my must-see list as I can. Not only that.. for such a big and bright personality, you would be surprised at how much of a genuine homebody I am. I am quite content just bundling up and hanging out on my sofa.. but this is an opportunity to put on some makeup, pull on a cute outfit, and get out of the house. Win, Win Win.

Explore my amazing city

Toronto is amazing, and for being here 5+ years already.. I feel like I have explored 1cm of it. I have a, kind of gigantic.. list of AH-MAZING coffee shops I want to check out. If you’ve been following along on IG you would have seen that I’ve already checked out Oretta– which was high on my must-see list.. and I am already making plans to go back for dinner. I also made it over to Sorry Coffee Co– which is inside a Kit and Ace. By the way, the decor in that shop was impeccable. Copper details EVERYWHERE. And, over the weekend I went to visit my dear Nana- I hit up a Hamilton coffee shop called Cafe Augusta.. and it was also so beautiful. I had a salted caramel latte.. a little bit sweet, but oh boy do I love salt in my drink! Anyways, point is.. I want to be more of an explorer in my own  city. I probably won’t live my entire life in Toronto so I want to make the most of it!

Drink lots of coffee.


I’ve opened this up on both IG and Facebook.. if you’re interested in joining my #52CoffeeDates project, please drop me a line below! I have a running list of names and I will contact you to pencil you in :).

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know a bunch of you this year!





  • Maria-Carla Atencio

    I want to be the next one! Loved this post my girl, way to go!!!!


    • autumnhachey@hotmail.com

      Adding you to the list :)!!

  • Chasya Dove

    Hey Autumnnnn! I stumbled upon your blog on the Toronto Artist Project a couple of weeks ago, started following you on insta, caught your Warby Parker post, saw your #52coffeedates hashtag which finally brought me here! I’d love to be added to your list of names, this is such a badass idea!


    • autumnhachey@hotmail.com

      Hey Chasya,

      First off. WOW! What a cool trail to bring you to me. Happy you’re here. I’ve got a GIANT list for this coffee thing, apparently it was a good idea ;)! I will add you on and let you know closer to your date! Cheers!!

  • Robin Cheung

    Hi, Autumn–great IG presentation at Mogo Lounge tonight! You gave us some great tips to improving our profiles & feeds!

    I think your #52coffeedates idea is really great: I’ve long claimed to love the richness & diversity of Toronto’s 140 neighborhoods–but your methodical idea to experience it socially in a systematic manner is really inspired!

    Do pencil me in!

    • autumnhachey@hotmail.com

      Hi Robin! My apologies in my tardy reply. Thank you for your kind words on my presentation! Excited to see where you take your social media!
      I’ve penciled you in and I will get back to you closer to your coffee date. Thanks for reaching out!