Is anybody else kind of sick of the Internet?


19243889_10155644149772573_1648895065_o*Raises hand*

A few weeks ago when I was getting my eyebrows microbladed, the girl doing my eyebrows Crista Nicole said the greatest thing.

“I just feel like Instagram is that hot popular girl in highschool that everyone wants to be friends with, but secretly nobody actually likes”.


Maybe I am just going through a phase. Maybe I am kind of depressed with the state of the world. Maybe I am soooo sick of all the bullshit. But there’s just this little spark inside me that says, there’s more than this. There’s more than staring at a tiny screen as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. There’s more than getting high off of internet likes. There’s more than constantly comparing your life to others. There’s more than consuming, changing your apartment decor every week, or sharing a zillion photos of your dog.

I’m just feeling like… we are doing this to ourselves. We dislike that we are in this constant state of wanting more. More followers. More engagement. More content. More more more more more. But we feed this beast. We feed it every time we get annoyed that our significant other is talking to us, because we’re reading on our phone. We feed into it every time we spend hours choosing the right outfit, Googling the right coffee shop, searching for the right hashtags. I always shy away from posting these types of blogs because A: I don’t want to be a downer. And B: I’m a hypocrite. But aren’t we all?

I think I often get sucked up into this feeling that basically I haven’t found my calling yet. That I have dabbled in lots of things I like, but I don’t think I’ve fully unlocked that fiery passion that I love yet. I definitely don’t think I am alone in feeling this way either. I just often feel like I am capable of more or that my life should have more meaning, more impact. That there is more I can be doing.. That my focus should maybe shift. That I am wasting time on things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of life. It’s hard to think about life because it’s uncomfortable. I just think I need to do some soul searching because I don’t feel content, and I am not sure why. Part of the problem I think, is that I don’t have a clear idea of where I want to go. I just think that I have this incredible life to live, and I want to make it worth while.

Did you know the odds of actually becoming a human are something like 1 in 400 quadrillion? I got that fact from the Internet, so it’s 100% true ;)… but if you really consider it.. All of us have won the biggest race of our lives. We are alive on this earth. We beat out everybody else in the race, and we are here.. But why?? To tap on Instagram photos? To talk about toothpaste or Iced Tea? Come on people, you do not stand for Iced Tea.

I’ve often felt like I want to break away completely from social media, or dreamed of living in an era where it didn’t exist. Where you were free to find yourself, your passions, your desires- on your own- without the influence of hundreds of thousands of people. I think the internet and social media make you want things you don’t need and make you question your own, life, body, house, etc. I’m a marketer, but I am sick of being marketed to. From the moment we take our first breath on this planet people are telling us what to do. How to live. Movies and advertisements, the internet, everything we see as we grow up shapes our minds as to what a “good life” should look like. What success looks like. What a good family looks like. What beauty is. What is important.

What if everything you’ve ever learned about living was all wrong?

This post doesn’t get wrapped up with a pretty bow and a quirky idiom filled ending with a call to action. I don’t have any answers, I just know that my life is important, and so is yours. 



  • Sarah Anne Katherine

    Great post! I took a six month hiatus from social media before I launched my blog. It was challenging because I missed seeing what everyone was up to all the time, but it allowed me to focus on my own life for me and not for the popularity contest. To be honest I recommend a small break to people who are running creatively low because without the pressure of am I good enough or will my content get likes it gives you more freedom to be you and develop your own content based on what you like not what everyone else is doing. Focus on the quality of the engagements too. I know Instagram is about numbers but sometimes having one amazing person you respect take interest in your account can be the most uplifting and meaningful

    • Rita Tocta

      I agree, the quality of the interactions is really important. I also take regular hiatus from IG and the whole internet. Is just more healthy for me that way. But I really like internet and social media, we can’t dream that other eras didn’t had their challenges, specially when it came down to dictate others lives!

  • Ahhh I have so many similar conflicting feelings about social media and the internet. 1) I recognize how useful it can be as a self-marketing tool for creatives, but 2) I also kinda hate it and how it makes me feel most of the time… I’ve made some great connections and sold a lot of art through my social media but it barely feels worth it some times. I also find that my day to day work fills my life with meaning, and since becoming more engrossed in that I’ve had much less need for social media…. Thanks for sharing this and your candid thoughts!

  • Sara Weales

    Wow Autumn, this post hit me hard. Because honestly I’ve been looking at you like, damn, this girl knows what she wants and likes, shes awesome at it, and shes younger than me. I want that. Because I’ve been unsettled in my job for a year, and my mom just passed away, so I’m more done with the bullshit and more ready to pursue a passion and to live a better life than ever before. So yeah, to find out were in more similar places and mindsets than I would have thought is… nice?

  • The_Truth_Is_Near

    Easy fix – go on a social media & internet diet for as long as is necessary – go on an adventure. It’s important for everyone IMO to switch off from this instant everything society & appreciate that there is more to life than as you said, staring at screens & pandering for ‘like’ validation. Be present…too often I see people taking selfies at the first hint of adventure/excitement in life; their thoughts are not rooted in the moment but rather the necessity to build their online ‘look at me’ I’m awesome! brand. Once you’ve stepped away, you’ll come back appreciating the technological capacity we have and then you can choose your level of involvement with a more measured and purposeful approach.