GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton’s Treehouse Retreat



Where the drinks are strong, and the wifi is weak.

YES.. You read the title correctly. It says treehouse. TREE HOUSE. Lynne’s treehouse retreat has been at the top of my “must stay at” list for as long as I can remember. (Actually, one of my first blog posts on this blog over two years ago- was a roundup of five must-see boutique hotels in Ontario.. and Lynne’s retreat was part of that very list.)

I had some pretty high expectations coming to the retreat as there is quite a fair bit of hype around the space. Well folks, Lynne’s meticulously crafted little retreat far surpasses the Instagram hype. Every inch of space has been thoughtfully considered and every detail is impeccable. From the soaring reclaimed beam ceilings in the cabin (using reclaimed wood from an old barn that had a tornado run through it) all the way down to the intricately patterned hinges that secure the ladder to the floor- the space is oozing with character and layers upon layers of warmth, texture and Anthroplogie-esque eclectic style. (Might I add.. Even Lynne’s MAILBOX on the way up her driveway has board and batten!)

It’s like jumping into a hand knit sweater crafted by your great grandma during a bonfire with all your closest friends and family on Christmas morning whilst drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

I recently read: The Little Book of Hygge– and it really made a big impact on me. In a nutshell, Hygge is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Friends. Family. Graciousness It’s all about appreciating the little things. Enjoying slowness, being cozy, lighting candles, and entertaining company. I think Lynne’s retreat would impress any Dane as it encompasses all the most hyggelig characteristics.

I stayed over with my Mom and we had the best time unwinding, snuggling up and watching movies/laughing into the night. We were pretty much Gilmore girls. We wanted to get the FULL experience, so we spent one night in the treehouse, and the second night in the cabin. Spoiler: They were both  fantastic. 

The Treehouse:

If you didn’t day dream about having your very own treehouse as a kid, we can’t be friends. I was such a fort-fanatic. I loved the idea of having my own fort, and I had tonnes. I had a lean to once made out of sticks in the yard (but we were unfortunately evicted by bees).. I had a bunk-bed turned playhouse.. that I FULLY furnished with a china cabinet and carpets.. (Also evicted, this time by earwigs in my fancy ass rug).. I even had a stint as the proud owner of a chicken coop fort.. which saw a similar demise to my other forts.. but never a tree fort. Lynne’s treehouse is like all of my childhood dreams come true, but possibly better because my imaginary tree forts didn’t have their own SLIDES?! (Whaaaaaaaat!)

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Our tooshies were kept warm by a genuine wood fireplace that we had to stoke ourselves. What a cool experience. The sights, smells, VIBE.. everything about the treehouse is so picturesque, relaxing and just overall heart warming. Waking up in a cozy loft, peering out into pine trees, heading down the ladder to brew some coffee.. there’s nothing like it.

The Cabin:

In addition to the treehouse, there is also a cabin. It’s such a great little retreat for two couples to enjoy as one couple can have the treehouse and the other can stay in the cabin. The cabin is spacious, light, bright, and where the eggs are made ;). With a fully functioning kitchen, stocked with all of your essentials.. the cabin is where we would meet up for brekkie and stretch out with books on the sofabed.

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I think the railings along the top loft are one of my favourite details. That, alongside the vintage door from an old bank. One thing that really stuck with me was Lynne’s ability to effortlessly mix old and new. So many items were upgraded with a simple swipe of white paint, but just exuded luxury.


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And if you thought the washrooms couldn’t be as beautiful as the rest of the property- you’re wrong. I would pay rent to live in the washroom by myself if Lynne would let me. Imagine a SPA in a forest. That is LaTreen.

We squeezed our trip into the very end of Lynne’s season so we didn’t get a chance to experience everything that the property has to offer due to weather. (Uhmmm, like the hanging chairs, the hammock, the pool, the airstream.. the list is never ending.) If you live in Ontario (And even if you don’t!).. This place should seriously be at the tip-top of your bucket list. A great romantic getaway, a little girls-vacay, a couples retreat.. or in my case, a Gilmore Girls weekend with Mama bear + plenty of Jackson Triggs.. whatever your affliction- make your way to the treehouse, you will not regret it!