Leaping over Posting Paralysis + A Few Life Updates

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written a free-form blog update on my life in general. I guess a struggle I often have is overthinking everything, and turning little things into big things- that then feel like giant mountains that I’m tired just looking at. I think I tend to turn my blog into this intimidating shadow that looms in the back of my mind, that “I should be blogging”..

I have lists upon lists upon lists of “post ideas”- then I get caught up in my own internal battles as to which post I should write first.. One thing I want to try to get better at with my new freelance life is lightening up and writing when I feel inspired to. Sharing as I go, and not putting so much pressure on myself to write the best blog post on the planet every time. I also think it’s important for me to really carve out time for myself. I often put every other project ahead of my own and rarely leave space for my own creativity and ideas to flourish, so moving into this new season I hope to explore more of my own ideas and put more out into the universe.

In terms of updates, there’s lots going on- and I think that might be why I’ve avoided blogging about it- because it seems like this entire past year has flown right by and I’ve barely been able to catch my breath.

I digress. If you’ve been following on social, you’d have maybe seen that I’ve leaped.

I’ve made a gigantic, massive, huge, bold, terrifying and exhilarating decision to jump feet first into the world of freelancing. It’s one of those crazy decisions you’re not fully sure you want to blog about in case you fall on your face and fail miserably- you know? It’s an even crazier decision when you haven’t quite fully made up your mind about what you want to spend your time doing, haha. But- I think it’s all good. Everything is really good. I am super happy with my decision and I’ve been spending the end of my summer working on projects, still working for Leon’s- funnily enough- who have become my very first freelance client, building a shed from scratch, joining the Studio Bicyclette team, writing for Apartment Therapy, learning to drive (ha), shooting the new Hello Holiday magazine, trying to create new routines, edit my life, and explore more.

Fall for me feels like new beginnings. I am currently on a plane back from an extended work trip. Paige, Scarlet and I had our final Hello Holiday shoot in Kamloops with Colleen. Paige and I stayed back in BC a couple extra days to unplug, read, hang out in hot springs, and enjoy lots of comfort food. Next week we finish off the magazine, and we’re fully recharged and ready for the final push.

In addition to big career moves, we’re also MOVING. Remember when I said I would pop champagne and spray it all over the place when we finally moved above ground? Well the time has come. The apartment gods heard my plea and almost  serendipitously. I stumbled upon the apartment of my actual dreams. A main floor, Victorian 1 bedroom apartment in Parkdale. I can already feel that it’s going to change everything. We’ve lived in a basement for the better half of a decade and I think it’s just been weighing on me. Basement apartments lack sunlight. We have a terrifying problem with the scariest kind of bug on the planet i.e. centipedes. We never had a lot of space- and although we have a stunning little kitchen here (and and amazing little shed) that we’re super proud of- it’s time for us to move on.

I think I am mostly excited for LIGHT. My new apartment has 12 foot ceilings and heaps of natural light. I can’t wait to be able to spread my papers out on my dining table, sipping coffee, working on projects. Having pools of sun pour into my bedroom when I wake up. Aah, it’s going to be miraculous.

November 1st will prove to be pretty life changing. A new apartment. A new career. New goals. New projects and ideas. A new neighbourhood. A fresh lease on life. And baby I am ready for it.  My mantra for this year was MAKE MOVES.. I think I am following through.

Photo via Scarlet O’Neill


  • Woohoo, congrats on making the leap and the upcoming move! Exciting times, can’t wait to see here what they bring you!

    • autumnhachey@hotmail.com

      Thank you so much Katia!

  • Autumn! Wow, I’ve missed a lot on social media. Congrats on making the leap! I know how scary the first year can be but this time in your life will only prepare you for all the great things to come. You are so talented and I cannot wait to see where your freelance life takes you. Also, congrats on the new place, it sounds STUNNING! 12 ft ceiings, what?!?! p.s. I’m moving too! We should definitely meet up for a work date in the near future :)