GO OVERBOARD Chapter 3: Spaces

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Happy almost-New-Years my friends! I don’t know about you, but I freaking love New Years. I am a big time planner. I love to make lists, set goals, make plans.. The New Year for me always feels like a fresh start. A time to press refresh, clear my mind, and plan for the future. This year especially I have been making lots of plans that I hope will help me achieve all of my goals. I got an amazing book for Christmas, it was actually a recommendation from Kelsey- we chatted briefly about it during the podcast I did with her.. And she was so right! I love this book SO much. It’s called The Slight Edge. Part of me doesn’t even want to start my planning until after I’ve finished reading it.. The other part of me is so excited about the entire concept and theory behind it. Anyways.. My mind has been just bubbling with thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams.. and I have been doing some extra-pinning lately. I’m coming to realize that I really-really love design. Like, I’ve always liked it.. for as long as I can remember (Like that time my Dad built me a playhouse and I INSISTED that it have a china cabinet, drapes, and a carpet..because, you know, every 8 year old’s playhouse needs curtains and an area rug).. Or that time we moved to a farm and the first thing I did was shovel all the dirt, and old chicken poop out of the chicken coop so that I could paint it, renovate it.. and try to sleep in it (the spiders scared us away).. I remember when we lived at that same house, there was a shed outside that I thought would make the PERFECT little clubhouse for me and my friends.. The people who owned the property used it as storage for old flooring and discarded trash.. and all I dreamt about was cleaning it up.. bringing in my blow up chairs.. putting up my posters.. making it mine.

I guess one of the ways you can tell if you really love something, is to look at what you spend your time doing when you *should* be doing something else. If you *should* be crafting an email, but instead you’re spending time day dreaming flipping through a Style at Home.. Or you  constantly find yourself with 6 tabs open, and all 6 of them are Pinterest pins of room makeovers. Or you really have to go to that meeting but you’re almost finished reading this Design Sponge home tour…

I have a weird love-hate relationship with design. I am very visually stimulated, and great design to me is like great art. I enjoy looking at it. I day dream what my own space could look and feel like.. At the same time.. I understand that life is about a lot more than the things you have in your home. That your home should be a reflection of you, your journey in life, your tastes, your style, your personality.. and not just a West Elm showroom shelf. I think that is something that really matters to me while I’m putting my home together.. I want it to feel real, authentic, well travelled, full of character and life. I want it to feel thoughtful, different, unique- and I want to let my creativity shine through the walls of my space.

I am so excited about how my kitchen makeover is coming along. I am really proud of what we accomplished given our budget and the canvas we had to work with. (BIG reveal coming soon! My first home decor reveal, woop!!)  I am also planning a bedroom makeover for my parents in the new year, that is something I am VERY excited about.

Anyways, I’ve been pinning loads and I thought I would share some spaces that have been inspiring me lately.

Without further ado, dip your toes in or dive right in to this sea of pins that are currently inspiring me.

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