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Long before the creation of Pinterest- I have been hoarding images. In the olden days, I would save EVERYTHING to my desktop.. Usually with a really easy to find descriptive title like: ashafuaqkg. Sometimes in labelled folders, like: Inspiration. Ideas for clothes. Things I like. Colour Palettes. Colour combinations etc etc.. But most times I’d save to my desktop home screen, where once a month I would click and drag everything into ONE folder and everything I had organized up until that point would be lost forever among the rabbit hole of folders on my computer. I won’t lie, my desktop still tends to get a little out of control but I am trying to be a little more responsible. And I just miiiiiight be kind of living out my 13 year old habits in my Screen Grabbing addiction..

I actually have two computers at my parent’s house FULL of images (I want to boot them up and try to save these!)-from my sony point and shoot I used to tote along with me to parties, before you know- camera phones. I also really loved to take “artistic” selfies for Myspace.. like lying on the grass with dandelions in my hair… Cool. (Actually kind of impressive without the reverse facing camera!) The rest of the inspirational images I hoarded would be pulled from the web. I am guessing a combination of imagery from Myspace & Tumblr. Anything that really jumped out at me. Since there was no such thing as Pinterest at the time, I thought the only way I would not forget about those images was to save them to my desktop where I would paroose them once annually. It was always (still is) on my to-do list to actually print out a giant inspiration board. It will happen.

When Pinterest came around, it was like all my dreams came true. You mean, I can SAVE these images..to specific folders..they WON’T clog /slow down my computer..I can access said images ANY TIME, ANYWHERE, and I can save ANYTHING FROM THE INTERNET THERE?? There is no TIME LIMIT? You mean I can spend a week straight pinning?? Kind of kidding, kind of half serious.


With that.. I am introducing ANOTHER SERIES YA’LL. I am new to this blog life and series are apparently my new thang.. GO OVERBOARD is a series where I share my last ten pins (no cheatin’!). My pinning habits definitely ebb and flow with my interests. Sometimes I go into crazy pattern pinning mode- other times I am digging for inspiration on styling or art. It varies.

Without further ado, dip your toes in or dive right in to this sea of pins that are currently inspiring me.

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Disclaimer: I have been like, serial drafting, and this post was a draft I started but didn’t publish. These were my last ten pins at the time but since I started this post like a week ago, you can bet there’s already hundreds of pins after this haha.












#9 is actually hilarious. It’s an Airbnb designed specifically to Netflix and Chill.

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