Hello Holiday!



What is that quote.. the shoemaker always has the worst shoes?? I’ve finally carved some time out of my busy schedule to write my own post about Hello Holiday. (WOO HOO!)

About a month ago Leon’s launched it’s second edition of Hello Holiday, and oh but what a launch it was!  These past few weeks have been jam packed with exciting launch related activities and I am so excited to share the down low.


For those of you who may not know, Hello Holiday is a giiiiiant project that I work on with the Hello Yellow blog team & our super awesome creative director Melissa. This round we also got the chance to work with Donna Griffith– a very talented photographer who has has worked with some big names in the past like Style at Home, Covet Garden, House and Home.. to name a few. Essentially, Hello Holiday a 100+ page digital magazine that’s filled to the BRIM with super-simple DIY projects, room decorating tips, life-hacks, and just good old fashioned good advice. While these magazines are a lot of work. Let me say that again, a lot of work– they are definitely my favourite part of my job and I am so thankful to get to work alongside such bright, creative and talented people! What was also REALLY incredibly amazing about this year’s Hello Holiday- is that we actually polybagged it with the December issue of Style at Home. (RIGHT?!!)

Big awesome moment alert! ⚡️✨? Just over a year ago we launched the Hello Yellow blog at @leonsfurniture. Fast forward a year and a half and we’ve now launched three incredible digital magazines full of fantastic storytelling, simple DIY projects, life hacks, tips, and thoughtful makeovers. This round of #LeonsHelloHoliday- we also published a special print edition that was distributed with the December issue of @styleathome magazine!! Woo! I just got my copy and I am so proud/happy/excited -congratulations to everyone involved making this thang! @mscraftberrybush @kassandradekoning @thelearnerobserver @ellivenstudio @lazymoms @sweetescapecreative Lol tag is off a little bit but i know you love me!!! Its @bethanythislittleestate #LeonsHelloHoliday

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But let me start there. The Hello Yellow team is so brilliant it hurts my eyes. Seriously haha. These women blow my mind on the daily, and seeing them in their element, doing what they love, living their real lives with their furniture from Leon’s- it’s incredible. The way they make the furniture their own, meld it in with their unique styles, come up with the most bomb-tastic DIY projects- goals goals goals. Shoot days are definitely my favourite days ever because I get to actually have some one-on-one time with these gals.. and their hubbies.. and their pets and… their twin babies :D. Check out  few of my fav highlights from the magazine:


I love love loveeee this nursery by Thalita from the Learner Observer. Her twin baby boys are probably the cutest babies I’ve ever seen.. And that mountain wall mural? Yep, you can learn how to make your own here. (Featuring the Finley Convertible Crib)



Joanna’s sofa is dreams. Literal dreams. It’s called the Nubia sofa and is seriously rivals tufted sofas you would see at Restoration Hardware.  And the quality is amazing. I spent a good portion of the day lounging around on this sofa and it’s dreamy. So comfy, so beautiful- the best combo. PSS: That “Baby it’s cold outside” is a free printable- get it here.

And can we take a second and talk about DISS RUG!?


It’s from a Montreal shop called Baba Souk.. And if you like this rug you’ll love all the other amazing rugs they have too. And their art. And their poufs. Yes yes yes yes yes.


I love this shot of Bethany’s kitties at the dining table. I am insanely allergic to cats but for some reason, I was able to snuggle with these guys all day. And if you’re wondering whether or not you should set up a DIY hot-chocolate bar in your dining room, the answer is yes.. and you should leave it up all year. (Featuring the Klein Chair + Claira Table) Let me also mention, for this shoot Bethany had some shots prepping food with her kiddies.. and then, we ate her INSANELY DELICIOUS home cooked meal for our lunch and it was incredible. Shoot days are usually pizza days.. I tend to come back a couple lbs heavier when we launch a mag ;).. But at Bethany’s- this girl cooked us the most insanely delicious meal. I would do questionable things for more of that sweet potato soup let me tell you.


When we showed up to Julie’s place, I kid you not, this amazing lady had an absolute SPREAD- kraft truck style spread of snacks and treats for us. Julie, you are way too sweet! I love this shot so much. SO cozy. (Featuring the Klein Chair + Ottoman). Julie shares 3 different ways you can use your Ottoman here. 


I was super lucky that Jack and Max’s hair salon was open while we were shooting because the braids they gave me were on fleeeeek. haha. Cutest little kiddies ever. (Featuring Capella sofa and Natura Table) Read more about Kassandra’s Urban Country Living Room here. 


A special treat during Lucy’s shoot was seeing her daughter sing and play her ukulele— I think you guys would cringe at how I tried to spell ukulele just now. (cry laughs)

(Featuring the Amber Canopy + Amber Side Table)

With the launch of each new magazine, the promo plan to support it continues to grow. This time around we’ve got a pretty comprehensive media plan spanning Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, HOUZZ, our first ever Hello EVENT and dum da da dum.. I hosted a 6 minute segment on Breakfast Television! (What’s that about jumping out of your comfort zone, JUST  DO IT.)




When Dina said I had one minute left to crank out those DIY bath bombs I thought I was going to have a heart attack. But alas, thankfully the DIY projects in Hello Holiday are SO SIMPLE YOU CAN DO THEM IN LITERALLY ONE MIN.. I was fine haha. What a fun opportunity! I definitely have to thank our PR agency Praxis for letting me practice the segment with them, and honorable mention to Bo who made a pretty convincing Dina at home when I practiced in our kitchen. I learned a lot about being on live TV from this segment.. like here’s a fun little trick- we labelled everything with little clear labels on the bottom of the counter, so when I was pointing to ingredients there was no way I would fumble and mistakenly say this is uhhh… that arm and hammer stuff? .. hahaha. It was very clearly labelled Baking Soda.

Tricky Tricky.

BTW, I might have said the word totally once or twice and I am totally having a funeral for totally, if anyone wants to come. Not again on my watch. 

So after the excitement of live television, I was approached by Strategy Magazine to do an interview. (!!!) Here’s the catch.. From the time I heard about them being interested, the interview was half-an-hour later. Talk about needing to be ready when the opportunity comes-a-knockin. I think overall it went pretty well and I was really excited to finally chat about all the fantastic success Leon’s has seen since launching all things Hello related. Check out the interview here.


And last but not least.. we finally brought the Hello magazines into a real live event! We hosted a Crafternoon at the Gladstone Hotel (one of my favs!).. with a few of our bloggers. Event attendees were able to come, learn 4 DIY projects (20 minutes per session!).. And enjoy some mingling, hot chocolate, and good cheer! Read more about the event here.

Here I am pretending to be a stand up comedian:



Over all a pretty incredible/fun/busy/exciting launch! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Hello Holiday, please do! Happy Holidays everyone!