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January/February Cures

In my first post about making my basement apartment look less like a basement apartment, I think the main theme that really shone through was living with less. I am somewhat of a hoarder. A hoarder of beautiful vintage furniture.. but I often tend to forget that I live in a shoebox, not a Victorian mansion. I am over living in a real life Tetris game and I am ready to reclaim my space.

Enter, January  February Cures. I have a friend/colleague who mentioned she is thoroughly addicted to January Cures and it changed her life. I certainly know that once I tackle a big cleaning job I usually feel pretty proud/content with myself, so I am going to give it a shot! Basically, January Cures is a month long house-purge/clean/re-organization that Apartment Therapy hosts leads on their site. Every week they send out new “cures” and everyone joins in and completes tasks together. I am a little late to the game, usually the cures start first thing in Janauary- but all the posts are still live so I am going to do February Cures. (Next year I will be there from day one- I think it would be so much more fun to do live! Apt Therapy emails you the new cure to tackle each week, so waiting for your email/tackling cures with friends online would be so motivating. I convinced my Mom to do February Cures alongside me. I am starting THIS WEEKEND so if you want to join me, this weekend we are cleaning all the floors and buying ourselves flowers, or a plant, I will just have to see how I am feeling :D!

In other news, I  am actually pretty proud of my progress so far pre-cures. TONIGHT my boyfriend’s brother came down to the city to visit us and tomorrow when he leaves he is taking my 8 foot pink velvet sofa with him. I admit, I will be very sad to see it go, it’s really become a part of our little family. I found it at a local thrift shop for $80 and I just HAD to have it. It’s in near perfect condition. I ended up getting it home with help from a random but lovely Jamaican man who just happened to be at the store at that time and had a nicely sized pick up truck. We got it in the house and we tried it as our “main” sofa, but alas- it looks much more beautiful than it feels and we do a-lot of snugglin on our couch so it has to be comfy. Then I was all like.. well, let’s put it in my bedroom then! (We live in a two bedroom basement apartment and one room is “mine”.. it’s currently where I make GIANT art messes).. But- it wouldn’t fit through my doorway. And I couldn’t just GET RID OF IT.. So.. for the past 5 months or so it has been sitting UNDER OUR TV LOL. So you literally walk in the living room and it’s sofa, love seat, 8 foot sofa under the TV. Not very practical/taking up half our apartment. It’s primary purposes have been for folding laundry and housing the bandmates when they come to stay over. Not to worry though, it’s off to the furniture sanctuary at my parents house ;)..

I am also planning to send the GIANT credenza in our living room. It’s currently packed to the brim with random objects so I have a full night of organizing ahead of me. Time to crank up a good podcast and get to work! I have a more streamlined craft-dezna (ha) in my room right now but I think it would look great in the living room.

I am going to have to find a place to put my hamster..


Do Feb cures with me! Comment below and let me know if you’re in. We can hold each other accountable. *grins*


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Welcome to my blog (HURRAH!)

WELCOME! Hello, hello, hello! Thank you so much for being here.

This is the blog post that I write 85 times, deleting, rewriting, deleting etc so if you’re here, and you’re reading this- it means I hit “Publish” and we should all celebrate because that in itself I will take as a small (kind of big) victory.

HURRAH!! (Two exclamation points just for my Mom..)

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “new” to blogging.. actually I have this problem where I convince everyone ELSE to blog and follow their passion and I’ve rarely followed my own advice- isn’t that how it always happens?

I’ve been “behind the scenes” so to speak for over two years now inspiring close friends and freelance clients to chase their dreams and go after it.

And where have I been this whole time? What’s been stopping me?

Well, first of all- FOCUS has been one of my biggest hurdles to starting this thing. I work in social media marketing and social media marketing 101 is to find your focus and stick to it. If you have one topic that you are an absolute expert about, you need to make that your focus so that you attract the right audience/ an audience that cares about what you’re talking about!

Well.. that’s where my issue has laid. I don’t HAVE a focus. I don’t have ONE thing that I love above and beyond everything else. For a long time I’ve gotten really envious of people who have so precisely carved out their niche or their passion. Whether it be music, film, fitness, art.. I have always just felt like an outsider that hasn’t fully uncovered her passion.

I am multi-passionate.. and instead of embracing that- I’ve been really hard on myself and shied away from starting my own blog because I wasn’t classified as an expert on one single topic.

And that brings me to this baby. My little personal project. I am starting this blog for a number of reasons. First off, blogging seems kind of like a natural evolution of the journals I have been obsessively writing in my entire life.


This is one stack. Approximately 3ish years. Tag those on to the journals and diaries I have been writing in since I could basically write..(Yes I still have most of them, as embarrassing as they may be haha!) I wouldn’t say these are books where I write the date at the top and write a detailed summary of my day.. And I no longer have a key and lock on the outside 😉 They are more of idea collectors. I always have at least one note pad handy to write whatever is on my mind.. Crazy ideas, to-do lists, books to read, places to go, travel itineraries, dreams, love notes.. Did I mention lists? Expect to see some of those on the blog!

I am hoping to use this blog as a creative outlet to really help myself discover where my true passions lay (and hopefully if you’re reading you will be learning awesome valuable lessons along the way with me). I also want to create a platform where I can share all the things and people that inspire me.

Lastly, I am starting this blog because I want to challenge myself. I’m challenging myself to become a content creator instead of just a content consumer. I want to put awesome kick-ass creative stuff that I can be proud of into the world and be a part of creative communities. I’ve often felt that I am meant to do something more.. something bigger. Maybe this is just the beginning of that? I want to inspire other people to get uncomfortable and try something new. I want to listen to my own advice and have something of my own to be passionate about.

I want to create, write, paint, share, fly, explore, learn, teach, succeed, connect, read, fail, inspire, challenge, grow, and live out loud.

“Be yourself and you can be anything”.

Let’s do this.


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#CUTMR 2016 @ Gladstone Hotel

I go more places than just the Gladstone, I promise. They just seem to be killing it with events and exhibitions, I can’t stay away! Today I headed down to the Come up to my Room 2016 show. The CUTMR exhibition is a place for art and design to collide, unite, melt, disagree, catch a cold, get better, hold a grudge, spread a rumour, take risks, fight and make up.

This year was the 13th year of the Gladstone’s exhibition covering 4 floors in art installations. I had attended the Interior Design Show last year and although I had a great time, I was interested in experiencing other forms of design this weekend (both shows run the same weekend- also this weekend was the Toronto Design Offsite Festival).. In retrospect- I actually wish I had attended both and I am a little bummed I didn’t plan my weekend better. I am working right now on my first little photoshoot with a photographer friend of mine THESUPERMANIAK, so this whole weekend has been spent building the set, painting, sourcing etc. If I had managed my time better, I definitely would have hit up IDS to listen to Orlando speak. (GAH, I am angry at myself as I type this.. I am sorry Orlando, I love you! #victim)- Orlando is a CRAZY talented designer who works closely with my design idol Em Hendo. Next year!

The entire show was remarkably curated by Jana Macalik, Nuria Montblanch and Lukus Toane.

Here are two exhibits that really resonated with me:

Style + Profile

Cinedu Ukabam

Cinedu Ukabam:

Cinedu Ukabam:“In Africa, as in many other parts of the world, a hairstyle is often named after the famous people that inspired them (Tyson or Ronaldo) or the characteristics it is supposed to bestow upon its adorner (Pretty Boy or Aristocrat). The African barber is not just in the business of cutting hair, he is engaged in the service of shaping identity. The “Style & Profile” installation will explores the duplicity and ephemeralness of identity using the visual language of the hand painted barbershop signs and murals seen throughout Africa.” via

I love when an installation invites the viewer to participate in the experience. Along sides of the installation there were “ID chips” and “Perception lenses”.. The artist encouraged viewers to take a photo wearing these perception lenses.

Perception correction lenses allow you to see (In real time) people exactly how they would like to be seen and not just how you choose to see them. Perception correction lenses not for you? Well luckily there are also ID a chips available. Keep your social media in sync with your real life. Simply insert a chip and your actions will be consistent with your identity of choice. Can’t find your identity of choice? Please feel free to inquire about custom made identities!

Cinedu Ukabam:

Untitled- (Idolization Space) by @studiowoolf & @sara_nick #EAVEN.

“We are obsessed with visual-exacerbated by the internet, a medium that allows little interpretation or consideration for meaning over the immediacy of aesthetics. Our minds crave incessant stimulation, turning to blogs and social media for inspiration and resulting in an immediate and unending stream of imagery, disordered and removed the from the text required to interpret meaning.” via

Untitled- (Idolization Space) by @studiowoolf & @sara_nick #EAVEN.

Untitled- (Idolization Space) by @studiowoolf & @sara_nick #EAVEN. “We are obsessed with visual-exacerbated by the internet, a medium that allows little interpretation or consideration for meaning over the immediacy of aesthetics. Our minds crave incessant stimulation, turning to blogs and social media for inspiration and resulting in an immediate and unending stream of imagery, disordered and removed the from the text required to interpret meaning.” #CUTMR2016 #CUTMRidolspace #GladstoneHotel #ArtInstallation #socialmedia #torontoart #autumnhacheyblog

This one really hit home for me. I am someone who really appreciates aesthetics in visual design- but I also realize the importance of meaning. I really want to dive deeper into the visuals I appreciate so much and learn more about their true meanings. Instead of going so wide on everything, go deep on a few things. It’s really easy to skim the surface and lightly tread in lots of things, it takes commitment, dedication, and patience to go deep. I commend those out there that are really digging under the surface in this hyperactive headline reading culture.

Learn more about this year’s artists.