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Camille Walala Art Inspired Pumpkins +++ The Curators Bible

*** This post is from October, hence, the pumpkin painting. I am still loving pattern though ;)!

Every now and then I become totally obsessed with something. Currently.. that something is pattern, and LOTS OF IT. Pattern in design, pattern in clothes, pattern in art, pattern on my phone case, pattern on my nails, pattern on my face.. Okay.. not my face. You get the point. I’m going through a pattern phase and I hope it never ends. //Side note, I once went through a pretty real galaxy phase. Galaxy art, galaxy phone, galaxy pants , galaxy DIY vests, galaxy boots, galaxy jewellery. I get into shit.

By the way, Space is still awesome. I went to see Joe Rogan’s stand up once and he brought up the most interesting point ever. If we all lived underground and there was only one place on the Earth where you could go and stand and look up at Space.. people would travel far and wide and pay tonnes of money to go to this place and stare at the stars. SPACE IS CRAZY PEOPLE. LOOK UP. WHAT ARE WE?

And now, I just want to bask in some colourful squiggly lines.

I’m REALLY loving 90’s patterns, COLOUR and lots of geometric shapes (Ha! Yeah you heard right Mrs. Cote.. I love geometry now).. I recently discovered a London based artist named Camille Walala, aka.. my biggest design crush at the moment. *HEART EYES* I found her one afternoon while paroosing Pinterest, one of my favourite pastimes.


.. Seriously. I die.





Her design style is called Tribal Pop. Immediately upon discovering Camille I stalked her Instagram, naturally. And I found these AMAZING PHONE CASES.  #YES. I bought one and got it home and cradled it like a baby. Then I got inspired…My friend Kelly runs a WICKED art blog called The Curator’s Bible– basically a resource for everything ART. Her site is dedicated to the movers & shakers of the creative world. She talks about artists, galleries, photography, sculptures, installations, basically all of the best things in life. We had already been discussing painting pumpkins, ART ATTACK old school style. So, we married my current love affair with Camille to our first instalment of #ArtAttackWednesday, and there you have it. Camille Walala Inspired Art Pumpkins!



I also painted the Camille inspired paintings behind the pumpkins, because I mean come on- you gotta go all in when you’re doing art inspired pumpkin painting. And since I couldn’t paint an installation for these babies, these little canvas paintings will have to do. But if anyone wants to volunteer a room in their house for me to live out my newly discovered installation painting dreams, you know where to find me 😉

This one was my favourite ✔️@camillewalala @curatorsbible #TheCuratorsBible #thecreatorclass #artpumpkin #DIY #DIYpumpkin #art #artblog #halloween #buzzfeed #ArtAttackWednesday #jointheclass #creatorclass #HappyHalloween #lifestyleblog
This one was my favourite!

Thanks for being creative as f&*$ Camille.