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Surrealism Collage Night @ Gladstone Hotel

I loooooooveee collage! When I saw that Gladstone was offering a collage class I jumped at the opportunity! Because 1: Collage is AWESOME and I have always wanted to learn the tricks of the trade. & 2: Hanging out in the Gladstone is seriously the coolest. There’s wine there, the most inspiring architecture, decor, art galleries.. seriously, what more could you want? Not to mention their completely unique artist designed hotel rooms#goals.

I just love juxtaposing visuals that don’t belong together. I love art that is a little bit mind-bending, surreal and grabs hold of your imagination.

This is one of the first collages that really made me appreciate collage- this image turned into countless nights of “just one more pin”..

Natural History Museum by Eugenia Loli

A few collage artists I love:

Sammy Slabbink

The Makeup Artist: Sammy Slabbink
The Makeup Artist: Sammy Slabbink

Beth Hoeckel



Kathryn MacNaughton

kathrynI found out about the class from the Gladstone Hotel Instagram account- they actually offer lots of really great classes- a part of their GetSchool’d workshop series. Get with it. No, I don’t work there.. but I should. Actually, a life goal is to design a room there. Wait for it. 

The instructor for the class was Danielle Cole, aka @GirlsandDinosaurs– and this lady is a GEM.

Danielle is a Toronto collage artist from who creates collages filled with humour; robots encountering animals, strange creatures speaking in tongues, out of control white picket fences and most recently, the explorations overly confident women, dinosaurs and domestic accoutrement.

I fell in love with her series of domesticated birds in fancy vintage homes. Her precision and attention to detail is extraordinary. (Seriously guys, just try cutting out bird legs.. )

And look at this photo she posted the other day of a work in progress- the SIZE is incredible!


The class size was small, so it’s a really intimate experience- Danielle was able to answer all of our questions and she showed us the ropes & taught us all the basics for cutting & pasting- with all the supplies readily available for everyone to use (including her totally priceless stacks of vintage National Geographics, Space textbooks, Dinosaur books, Deep Sea books + more).

She also gave us a few REALLY great tips.

Tip #1: cut all your white space before you cut the edges. (DUH!) Anybody else remember in public school how cutting around your object was the first thing you instinctively did? Nu uh. Get dat whitespace.

Tip #2: Find images that share a colour story to make it look like the items belong. If you look at her work, she practices this a lot. Like the chairs in her bird images have similar colour tones to the birds themselves- making it seem almost as if they belong there.

And I’m sure you’re DYING to see what I’ve done with what I’ve learned ;)!


This was an old record.. in preparation for the class I grabbed a PILE of them from a local thrift shop. Old records=awesome vintage imagery. I tried to maneuver the under water scene to look like he still had his eye. I also added the mountains to the bottom and all those cutie urchins.. and you’ll notice a sneaky bird off to the left- using Danielle’s colour trickery ;)!12353216_1148258338537496_175895553_n

This one is a work in progress. I cut out those vintage plants from an AMAZING Value Village book haul. That monstera leaf plant was definitely a sit in my cozies with lots of tea and take my time project. I’m currently still looking for appropriate frames for these guys- I’ve got a few of them! Keep you updated on how they pan out.


Here’s another idea I was playing around with. Using glass frames to create a 3D-like collage. (& how about that combing her hair in the tropical jungle swinging plant babe?)

Lastly, let me know if you have any questions about the class be sure to leave them below!

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Upcoming collage classes at Gladstone can be found here.

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GET A ROOM: Hotels, Travel

GET A ROOM: 5 Boutique Hotels in Ontario

I love to travel. Being in a new place, experiencing new surroundings, culture + people feeds my soul!

And part of the experience of going somewhere new, is where you stay. I love to put in a little extra work to find hotels that are remarkable and unique. Hotels with character and stories and interesting & thoughtful design. I may, or may not pick hotels based on their furniture..;)! But really.. When I am going somewhere, I like to put in some research time to find the hidden gems wherever we’re travelling.

For example, when we went to Prague last year we stayed here, and it was AMAZING. Hotel Sax is a Vintage Design Hotel FILLED with incredible decor from the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s. It was like hopping in a time machine. Our room was so interesting with crazy orange patterns allover the walls. Our bathtub was massive with floor to ceiling RED tiles and all the hallways were layered with art and hanging installations.

(We meaning myself and my incredible boyfriend Bo who I’ve been dating for over ten years. I know. So far we’re at 7 countries together!)

I could have easily picked one of the first hotels to show up on Trip Advisor, but instead I spent time digging. And it was worth every Google search!

I am big on experiences. At the end of the day, I would rather save a couple extra bucks by not going out every single weekend, or pass on the expensive designer handbag to have $ for travelling zee world.

Splurge on experiences not things! Shop vintage + go travel people!

There’s a few boutique hotels in Ontario that I am DYING to stay at. As soon as I’ve checked them out I’ll be sure to share my experience, but for now, here’s my dream list!

  1. The Drake Hotel

GET A ROOM: The Drake Hotel

GET A ROOM: The Drake Hotel

Whether you’re looking for a cozy crash pad or an XL suite, you can be sure to find something packed with personality, art, and heaps of character at The Drake Hotel. Every centimetre of The Drake has been thoughtfully designed from floor to ceiling. It’s pretty much a vintage furniture lover’s dream come true. (aka mine). Throughout all of the Drake properties (yes, there’s more!!).. you’ll find hints of natural materials like wood, cork, metals & leather. (The light fixtures in the bar are fantastic- I’ll have to grab a photo during my next visit.) With a mishmash of contemporary pieces and antiques, the Drake is unique in every way. You could say, a perfect blend of modern, timeless and vintage.

I dig the throwback vibes – and with award winning cocktails (I tried a “Zombie” during my last stay), yummy eats, events, art exhibits and more, I think that The Drake Hotel is definitely worth adding to the bucket list!  See the rooms & sleep with Drake here.

GET A ROOM: The Drake Hotel
Incredible Mural in the Sky Yard at the Drake Hotel by artist Luke Ramsey

images via


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2. The Drake Devonshire

GET A ROOM: The Drake Devonshire

GET A ROOM: The Drake Devonshire

GET A ROOM: The Drake Devonshire

Surprise Surprise, it’s The Drake again. I would get married to the Drake Devonshire. But seriously, I think I hyperventilated the first time I laid eyes on this miracle of a hotel (I might actually pass out when I finally stay here..). Every room at the Drake Devonshire has been meticulously designed mixed with custom furniture, artwork, antiques, nature and vintage pieces. Everything that I love. There are permanent art collections & rotating exhibits alongside specially commissioned local and international artist pieces that enhance the Devonshire experience both indoors and out. Like this jaw dropping installation by Kirsten Hassenfeld. 

GET A ROOM: The Drake Devonshire

This is a hotel you could visit hundreds of times and you would encounter new rich experiences each and every time.

Excuse me while I redecorate my entire house. This looks like a great place to spend Valentine’s Day.. ahem…Bo. 

images: via


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3. Hotel Ocho

GET A ROOM: Hotel Ocho

GET A ROOM: Hotel Ocho

Bo and I stayed at Hotel Ocho last year for Valentine’s Day. We were on the hunt for a cute boutique hotel that didn’t come with an impractical price tag. (I believe our stay was around $110 for the night, not bad at all!) It’s a very cute hotel with lots of great architectural interest.. steel windowsills, original floor wood paneling & exposed brick. Built in 1986, the building was once a cigar, and a textile factory.

I particularly liked the mid-century tables & chairs in the dining room, it reminded me of our trip to Amsterdam. With only 12 rooms, the service was great! Another great aspect of this hotel is their support of local artists. In the dining/common area local artists work is featured on the walls. It was a cozy loft-like retreat in the heart of the city. I plan to visit again!

images: via


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4. Lynne Knowlton’s Treehouse/Airstream

GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton's Treehouse

GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton's Treehouse

GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton's Treehouse

Okay, but seriously HOW CUTE IS THIS TREEHOUSE?! What child hasn’t dreamed of heading outside with all their blankets and their flashlight to stay in a treehouse? Actually, one time.. when I was probably 13.. I ALMOST spent an entire night with one of my girlfriends sleeping in a empty chicken coop that I had deemed to be my fort. (Like, a real chicken coop. Where chickens used to live…laugh cry emoji.) We cleaned it.. and painted it..the only appropriate thing left to do was sleep in it… obviously MOM. Well, we did.. for like, three hours. Until the smells, the spiders, the scary country noises and giant hornet nest spooked us back inside to safety.

I have a feeling Lynne’s impeccably designed treehouse might be the treehouse I’ve always dreamed of.. sans old chicken feed.

I had the pleasure of working with Lynne last year on a project for Leon’s , through that relationship I found out about her lovely treehouse that she rents out during the warmer months. It. is. stunning. What is really funny that I didn’t know is that the treehouse is actually near my home town of Walkerton.. Small world! The cabin is nestled into 100 acres with hammocks, a pool and so much fresh air!

And FURTHER to that- Lynne just recently also got an Air Stream. Before she got it, I actually didn’t even know what an Air Stream was. It’s basically a trailer that she’s completely gutted and renovated into a mini-paradise on wheels!

GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton's Airstream

GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton's Airstream

GET A ROOM: Lynne Knowlton's Airstream

Check out this awesome video from Jon Simo’s stay in the airstream. Press Play!

PRESS PLAY ?? A silver bullet under the stars // #airstream #timelapsephotography

A video posted by Jon Simo (@jonsimo) on

Lynne Knowlton’s Treehouse// FACEBOOK// TWITTER// INSTAGRAM // PINTEREST

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5. The Gladstone Hotel

GET A ROOM: The Gladstone Hotel

GET A ROOM: The Gladstone Hotel

GET A ROOM: The Gladstone Hotel

Ahh, the Gladstone Hotel. Last in this post, but certainly not least. I have spent lots of time at the Gladstone.. Checking out art galleries and taking advantage of their creative Get School’d workshops. The Gladstone Hotel is internationally recognized as Canada’s favourite boutique art hotel. Supporting 37 artist designed hotel rooms,  over 70 art exhibitions a year, 4 diverse event venue spaces and 2 restaurants…Gladstone has got it GOING ON. I would love to stay in each and every one of those incredibly curated and designed artist rooms!


That’s it folks- 5 boutique hotels in Ontario on my hit list! Have you got any secret gems to share? Comment below! If you stay at one of these hotels I would love to hear about it. Thanks for reading!

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Screen Grabbed: The Series/ VOL 1

I.. Autumn Hachey.. have a screen grabbing addiction.

I’m not proud of it, but if you have a cool photo on Instagram, chances are.. I’ve got it in my camera roll. There are two things I really love about Instagram. 1.. Saving your photos for me to upload to my computer get lost in the giant sea of other screen grabbed images, that ultimately serve no purpose because I am far too lazy to organize them. And 2. Tagging my friends/being tagged in the most obnoxious memes and posts that are very questionable, and if there were ever an Ashley Madison leak on my Instagram tagging behaviour, ya’ll would be exposed to some realness.

BTW, my friend Katie made a GREAT point to me the other day. Imagine if your phone could automatically sort your screen grabs for you? That would be nice. Or if Instagram just adopted Pinterest super-powers..

Anyways, I usually screen grab photos that inspire me, so instead of hogging them to myself I’m going to share them with you, in my new series: Screen Grabbed. 












Follow these awesome feeds!

1: @mariabrito_ny | 2: @younggoldteeth | 3: @klosaintjames | 4: @charlottelovely | 5: @sophlog | 6: @jealouscurator | 7: @poketo  | 8: @maxwanger | 9: @uglyybaby | 10: @artcrasher

Stay tuned for Volume 2.. happening as soon as I get the energy to dump my phone each month!

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Camille Walala Art Inspired Pumpkins +++ The Curators Bible

*** This post is from October, hence, the pumpkin painting. I am still loving pattern though ;)!

Every now and then I become totally obsessed with something. Currently.. that something is pattern, and LOTS OF IT. Pattern in design, pattern in clothes, pattern in art, pattern on my phone case, pattern on my nails, pattern on my face.. Okay.. not my face. You get the point. I’m going through a pattern phase and I hope it never ends. //Side note, I once went through a pretty real galaxy phase. Galaxy art, galaxy phone, galaxy pants , galaxy DIY vests, galaxy boots, galaxy jewellery. I get into shit.

By the way, Space is still awesome. I went to see Joe Rogan’s stand up once and he brought up the most interesting point ever. If we all lived underground and there was only one place on the Earth where you could go and stand and look up at Space.. people would travel far and wide and pay tonnes of money to go to this place and stare at the stars. SPACE IS CRAZY PEOPLE. LOOK UP. WHAT ARE WE?

And now, I just want to bask in some colourful squiggly lines.

I’m REALLY loving 90’s patterns, COLOUR and lots of geometric shapes (Ha! Yeah you heard right Mrs. Cote.. I love geometry now).. I recently discovered a London based artist named Camille Walala, aka.. my biggest design crush at the moment. *HEART EYES* I found her one afternoon while paroosing Pinterest, one of my favourite pastimes.


.. Seriously. I die.





Her design style is called Tribal Pop. Immediately upon discovering Camille I stalked her Instagram, naturally. And I found these AMAZING PHONE CASES.  #YES. I bought one and got it home and cradled it like a baby. Then I got inspired…My friend Kelly runs a WICKED art blog called The Curator’s Bible– basically a resource for everything ART. Her site is dedicated to the movers & shakers of the creative world. She talks about artists, galleries, photography, sculptures, installations, basically all of the best things in life. We had already been discussing painting pumpkins, ART ATTACK old school style. So, we married my current love affair with Camille to our first instalment of #ArtAttackWednesday, and there you have it. Camille Walala Inspired Art Pumpkins!



I also painted the Camille inspired paintings behind the pumpkins, because I mean come on- you gotta go all in when you’re doing art inspired pumpkin painting. And since I couldn’t paint an installation for these babies, these little canvas paintings will have to do. But if anyone wants to volunteer a room in their house for me to live out my newly discovered installation painting dreams, you know where to find me 😉

This one was my favourite ✔️@camillewalala @curatorsbible #TheCuratorsBible #thecreatorclass #artpumpkin #DIY #DIYpumpkin #art #artblog #halloween #buzzfeed #ArtAttackWednesday #jointheclass #creatorclass #HappyHalloween #lifestyleblog
This one was my favourite!

Thanks for being creative as f&*$ Camille.