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Hey Ya’ll. When you’re insanely busy with a kajillion things to do.. what do you do? You procrastinate, and you find other ways to occupy your time. What better time to start a new weekly post- Keeping Tabs. I am a woman of the interwebs and I spend a great majority of my time here. During that time, you can bet your sweet bottom I have tonnes of tabs open. In this weekly series, I’ll be sharing my favourite links, articles, and random things that sparked my interest this week. Grab a coffee and procrastinate with me ;).



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Escaping to Myrtle Beach 3/3

Our last “full” day in Myrtle Beach was definitely our favourite. We had plans to go to to Brookgreen Gardens, which would have been STUNNING no doubt- but our lunch went a bit later than planned so we decided to just spend the afternoon exploring downtown Myrtle. It was so nice to just be carefree roaming the town.

Lunch at Collector’s Cafe


After a lively night down at the Marshwalk, both Kass and I were feeling that sleep in life ;). We got in some extra ZZZs before heading for a delicious lunch at Collector’s Cafe, a coffee shop and art restaurant. The restaurant boasts a gallery that spans 6 rooms and represents more than 25 artists. Many times during our trip Kass and I were told we looked like sisters.. well, we twinned out and both got the Pasta Du Jour for lunch, which was penne with Cajun Alfredo sauce and chicken. It lived up to the hype.



Exploring the City

I mentioned this before, but I will say it again- Always leave a little room for magic. As big a planner as I am when it comes to itineraries, I think sometimes you need to leave a little bit of breathing room for spontaneous adventure- and that is just what our last day was filled with. We grabbed our cameras and hit the town to look for interesting places to check out and photograph. We stumbled upon many interesting and brightly painted walls, a vintage RV trailer, and tonnes of beautiful foliage. Make sure to leave yourself some down time to just walk around, see the sights, and enjoy being in Myrtle!



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Ice cream at Kirk’s

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When we were driving back from lunch, we noticed a vintage ice cream shop that we just HAD to go back to- and we are sooo glad we did! I mean, what’s a trip to Myrtle beach without ice cream? We had just seen a little snippet of the outside of the shop from the road during our drive, but I just knew it was a gem we had check out. When we got there, we were pleasantly surprised to be transported back into the 80’s via the Kirk’s vintage arcade inside. Green walls tacked with vintage coca-cola signs, retro diner tables, and old arcade machines filled the room. The vibe was totally old school and we loved it.

It’s also worth mentioning that they served the MOST DELICIOUS ice cream- you know, the kind you scoop out of a tub. I went with choc chip cookie dough, which if you were wondering, is my all time favourite.


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 Alabama Theatre (at Barefoot Landing) for “ONE – the Show”

We finished off our last night with a live performance at the Alabama Theatre. I love live performances, especially when it combines singing, dancing, and costume changes! I think that live performance is such a brilliant art form that deserves so much more credit. It’s truly an art form. The One Show was jazzy and cool, but also totally current and upbeat. Gotta love when you can listen to beauty and the beast, and Tay Swift in the same show haha. (Disney for life!)

All in all- it was a real treat to escape the winter freeze and thaw out a bit under the Myrtle sun. If you’re looking for a fun girls getaway- Myrtle is definitely the place to go. If you’re just catching up, you can read post 1 and 2 here. 

Until my next Escape! 



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Escaping to Myrtle Beach 2/3

Bright and early on Thursday morning (Like, before 9AM) Kass  and I grabbed an Uber and made our way over to Croissants Bistro and Bakery. We had the cutest Uber driver, telling us all about this great book he was reading, but couldn’t remember the title of. But it was about World War 2, and that was his favourite kind of book ;). Staring out the window, tall majestic palms swaying in the breeze, it was going to be a great day I just knew it.

With the sun beating on my face, eyes closed, I dreamed only of one thing. Coffee. And we went to the right place.

Croissants at Bistro & Bakery



We were greeted by Mike, bright eyed and bushy tailed- who knew we were in dire need of some caffeine. Coffee with extra espresso it was- just how we like it. I was ready for some great eats and ordered, kind of conservatively. Some good old fashioned eggs and bacon- with a signature croissant. Kassandra, the bolder eater of us two- went with Eggs Benny… which in retrospect, I wish I had also went for. It was both of our first time trying eggs Benedict, and it was BLISS. Hollandaise sauce wassup!



It wasn’t long before our friend Mike decided to show us what croissants were really made of, and he carried out the biggest, most delicious Banana Foster French Toast I’ve ever seen. Our eyes, kind of dropped out of our heads when we saw it haha. HUGE brown-sugary french toast topped with bananas and whip cream. We were already full from sharing our gigantic breakfast plates- but of course we had to give it a try.

So good. Like, so so good. It was literally dessert for breakfast.


After we dug in to some of the french toast, I literally had to take a break because I was so stuffed. I went to the washroom, came back, and dear Mike had ANOTHER TRIO of delicious treats laid out on our table. OMG. haha.

Chocolate brownie (My all time fav).. Coconut Cake, and HANDS DOWN THE BEST STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE OF MY LIFE. If you go, you MUST, I repeat, MUST have this. Ditch the eggs, don’t even get toast. Just get this for breakfast.

‘Yo welcome.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Heidi and her daughter- who gave us the CUTEST gift bags. Thank you so much ladies you are too kind. We will be back for sure!!

Lunch at the Tea Room at Hopsewee Plantation


Here’s a little tip. If you’re coming to Myrtle. Rent a car. Rent a car. Rent a car. Kass and I decided NOT to rent a car because we knew we would be out for drinks intermittently during our trip. Well, yes- this was true during the evenings- but for the most part in the daytime we were out and about- not drinking. So a car would have been the best decision, and MUCH cheaper than Ubering around. Learn from our mistakes!

When you think Myrtle Beach, you likely do not think- Rice Plantation or Basket Weaving.. well, neither did we- but when we saw how stunningly beautiful the Hopeswee Plantation was with it’s giant willowy trees and it’s commanding colonial home- we just had to see it in person.

It was about a 45 minute drive (hello expensive Uber).. from Myrtle Beach- but the drive was nice, sunny, and relaxing. Especially after eating our body weight in treats, we needed that down time to digest haha!

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We didn’t get a chance to have lunch at Hopsewee- but in all fairness- we aren’t sure lunch would have fit! We arrived just in time to do the tour of the plantation. It was fantastic. So much rich history and energy in that building. We learned tonnes about the people that had worked on the plantation back in the day- and how the relationship between the Gullah Africans and the owners was much different than what you would expect. The Gullah people were respected and almost thought of as family. There was love in these relationships, with slaves living on the property with their families, working together with the plantation owners to come up with smart ways to irrigate the land. It was so interesting to hear.

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The architecture in the home was stunning. It’s so impressive to see how much careful detail used to go into buildings. How things were built to last. I love seeing history with my own eyes. Carvings in glass made by people we will never know that lived there so long ago. Leaving their anonymous mark on the world, hundreds of years later.

Something that really struck a chord with me was how slow everything used to be. While we toured through the home we saw the “warming room”. This was essentially a small room, where dinner would be rolled in on a buffet to stay warm before being served for dinner.

Ain’t no warming room for Kraft Dinner.

I can’t imagine how much time and effort went into every meal. Everyone gathered around the table, savouring their food and just living slowly.

It’s truly amazing- and I definitely want to make time for slow in my life.

Sweet Grass Basket Weaving


Now this, was really something else. When was the last time you worked on making one thing, for upwards of three hours? I’ll tell you, it’s not often I can focus on ONE thing. I think in our hectic day-t0-day life we are so busy scrolling feeds and tapping photos that we (I) really need to find the time to take a break, and make something.

It’s been awhile since I started a project, and finished it all in one day. It feels incredible. I am so beyond proud of my little basket, and every time I look at it I will have fond memories of the tea room at Hopsewee. It will take me back to bonding with Verna, sitting beside Kassandra drinking coffee. This little tiny basket, that could mean nothing to someone else, means SO much to me- and that is super special.

I’m going to proudly display it somewhere in my home!


Let me ALSO add, that our lives were saved by Tae- who works at Hopeswee. Unbeknownst to us, we tried to hail an Uber from Hopeswee- but there was not an Uber in sight. We were, well.. stranded. Tae saved the day by giving us a ride into town in her…. red mustang. Yup. Best day.

 Lobster at Wicked Tuna

After spending our afternoon basket weaving, we made our way over to Murels Inlet to check out Wicked Tuna. *sings* I tried lobster. I ate some lobster.* Another first for me, Kass and I dug in to some- may I say.. delicious lobster. Wicked Tuna was great. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but totally worth it for their great seafood.

Drinks + Music at the Marshwalk


We topped off our day two down at the Marshwalk with some live music, girl talk + more cocktails. As we visited on the “off season”.. it wasn’t as busy- but come summer time and high season- this is one of the best places to go for dancing and live music.

I’ll be sharing post 3/3 later this week! If you’re still catching up, you can read about our first day here.