How I Stay Organized Through the Week (Sunday Ritual)

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Today.. I woke up late. There was no toothpaste and I forgot my “work backpack” at my parent’s house.. the one that has my swipe card key in it.. that I’ve replaced twice and have had to embarrassingly walk up to the payroll department to beg for a new one.. (Seriously, it’s embarrassing- I’m that guy). My lunch is half assed because we didn’t do groceries yesterday.. I look tired, because I am.. and I don’t feel 100% ready to take on this gigantic week ahead of me. I’ve been meaning to write this post EVERY SUNDAY since I started a blog, but I figured since it fits really nicely in with my current state- I might as well do it today.

Sundays for me are like rituals. I have actually come to really love Sunday because for me, Sunday sets the tone. A great Sunday means a great week. Sundays are for getting organized, relaxing, visualizing a productive week, catching up on podcasts and calling Mom. Here’s a few things that I *typically* try to do every Sunday that I find really help me get my life on track after a sometimes more rowdy Friday and Saturday 😉 (Balance, amiright?).

1: Sundays are for cleaning.

My mama always taught me that a clean space makes for a clean mind. She’s right. When my house is a mess I can’t think right. Sundays, I go all the f out on cleaning. It’s kind of like a Beyonce concert for folding laundry. Kind of. In the sense that I full on bust out formations in my living room while folding dem’ werk clothes. We used to have a Sunday list (what happened to that Bo?).. But basically, it kinda went sometime like this:

Make the bed





Feed Hamburger- our hamster

Meal Prep



Water the plants & the garden

Then there’s bigger tasks that I wouldn’t say we do weekly, but more like bi weekly- or if I am not lying to you, monthly.. haha.. Which is thoroughly clean the washroom, change the hamster cage, wash and change the sheets etc.

Here’s another handy tip for all you friends in relationships. (I feel like at the ten plus years mark I’m allowed to give some advice.) A system my Boo and I use to make sure we are sharing the load of cleaning tasks- is a calendar system. Any time we do a task, we write it on the calendar with our name beside it. It just makes it really fair that nobody gets stuck on dishes for 12 loads in a row.

2: Groceries & Meal Prep

We do all of our groceries on Sunday AND we get our meals prepped for the upcoming week. For me.. the last thing I want to do at night after work is think about making a meal for the next day. So on Sunday’s- we batch prepare a bunch of food for the upcoming week. Usually a handful of chicken breasts.. we’ll cut up and pre-bag our veggies.. Ground turkey, brown rice- etc. Then.. each day for work everything’s already cooked, you just have to throw it in your lunch bag! It is not only convenient- it really helps you make better eating decisions each day as it’s already all prepared.

3: Check the weather, your calendar & set out your outfits

This is one I sometimes do- and when I do.. I thank myself forever. If I can be organized enough to have my outfits ready, it definitely helps for a smoother week. I usually look at my schedule first to see what I have going on that week. Depending if I have important meetings, or more casual days propping in the studio- it helps me determine what I’m going to wear. Throw the layer of weather on top, and I’m good to go! I just line everything up in my closet ready to go. The less decisions you have to make in the morning, the more sharp the old brain is for more important decisions. It’s true. 


If I am like, a VIP Super star and I want to win the Sunday ritual award, I’ll actually pre-set up links to podcasts or videos to listen to in the morning before work. I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with learning.. I try to maximize my time, so when I am getting ready for work I almost ALWAYS have a podcast/video playing. Right now, I toggle between:

The Ask Gary Vee Show (Marketing)

The Joe Rogan Podcast (Everything! Lots of really intelligent banters and thought provoking conversations)

The Jess Lively Show (Blogging, relationships, wellness)

Alex Beadon (Marketing, blogging, branding)

and Girlboss Radio. (Girl Boss Interviews with Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso)

I mostly love marketing based podcasts, so if you’ve got a recommendation- send it over!

Now, to go buy some toothpaste and pull my week together.