The Wing in NYC




Can we please talk about the Interior Design at The Wing?




I was scrolling Facebook and I saw an article on NYC’s newest female focused space that is part social club, part co-working studio and part blow-dry bar. (And all parts AMAZING). At first glance to me, it totally feels like a female centric version of The Ace Hotel.  Everything about this place sounds like a dream and their marketing is so on point that it hurts. The concept behind The Wing is that there are so many busy entrepreneurial women running from meeting to meeting without a “home base” to really recharge, change, collab with other likeminded girl bosses and get prepared for the rest of their day.

“The Wing was inspired by a particularly low moment in our founder’s life; she found herself in a dimly lit coffee shop bathroom, frantically hopping around on one foot trying to change into heels without touching the floor. Her phone was at 2% and she was twenty minutes late for her next meeting.”

The Wing is a home base for women on their way. It’s an offline destination for women to build essential relationships, hatch plans and you know… run the world, together.





As I was searching through the website trying to find out who designed this absolutely stunning space, I landed on their “Partners” list- which includes some well known favourites like Tappan Collective and Glossier.  After some digging I found out the space was designed by Leong Leong- with some rooms by Chiara Derege- but unfortunately both of these sites didn’t have much additional information. (Like, who else would love to see a full buying guide for this place?!)


Powder pink mid century sofas paired with minty greens, brass, navy and mustard- this place was designed for me, I know it. I also really love how incredibly CUSTOM this space is.. even down to the custom toile wallpaper by Flat Vernacular showing scenes of working women throughout the city.

This wallpaper is my happy place.

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And another custom wallpaper illustrated by Joana Avillez in the “Freakout Room”



To match the stunning interiors, of COURSE the graphic design by Pentagram is incredible too. I just love when a brand is able to really infuse every touchpoint with thoughtfulness and creativity.

welcome boxes headed your way ??‍♀️?

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Coming for ya, ladies.

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Details matter people!

Want to get in on the action? Well first off.. you’ve gotta live in NYC. Annnnd, there’s a 1300 person waiting list because it is members only.  Secondly, it’s not cheap. At $185 a month it’s a bit of an investment, but in my personal opinion- relationships trump EVERYTHING in business. If you can use your membership as an opportunity to rub elbows with other Wing chickies like- Sophia Amoruso from Nasty Gal.. it’s worth its weight in gold. For any freelancers, I feel like this space would just really give you some purpose- a reason to put on a cute outfit, get out of the house, collab with brilliant ladies and be creative in an inspiring space. I freelance on the side, and I can tell you that The Wing is definitely much more inspiring than my home office ;)!

Images via: Quartz, The Wing, Curbed.