Welcome to my blog (HURRAH!)

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WELCOME! Hello, hello, hello! Thank you so much for being here.

This is the blog post that I write 85 times, deleting, rewriting, deleting etc so if you’re here, and you’re reading this- it means I hit “Publish” and we should all celebrate because that in itself I will take as a small (kind of big) victory.

HURRAH!! (Two exclamation points just for my Mom..)

I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “new” to blogging.. actually I have this problem where I convince everyone ELSE to blog and follow their passion and I’ve rarely followed my own advice- isn’t that how it always happens?

I’ve been “behind the scenes” so to speak for over two years now inspiring close friends and freelance clients to chase their dreams and go after it.

And where have I been this whole time? What’s been stopping me?

Well, first of all- FOCUS has been one of my biggest hurdles to starting this thing. I work in social media marketing and social media marketing 101 is to find your focus and stick to it. If you have one topic that you are an absolute expert about, you need to make that your focus so that you attract the right audience/ an audience that cares about what you’re talking about!

Well.. that’s where my issue has laid. I don’t HAVE a focus. I don’t have ONE thing that I love above and beyond everything else. For a long time I’ve gotten really envious of people who have so precisely carved out their niche or their passion. Whether it be music, film, fitness, art.. I have always just felt like an outsider that hasn’t fully uncovered her passion.

I am multi-passionate.. and instead of embracing that- I’ve been really hard on myself and shied away from starting my own blog because I wasn’t classified as an expert on one single topic.

And that brings me to this baby. My little personal project. I am starting this blog for a number of reasons. First off, blogging seems kind of like a natural evolution of the journals I have been obsessively writing in my entire life.


This is one stack. Approximately 3ish years. Tag those on to the journals and diaries I have been writing in since I could basically write..(Yes I still have most of them, as embarrassing as they may be haha!) I wouldn’t say these are books where I write the date at the top and write a detailed summary of my day.. And I no longer have a key and lock on the outside 😉 They are more of idea collectors. I always have at least one note pad handy to write whatever is on my mind.. Crazy ideas, to-do lists, books to read, places to go, travel itineraries, dreams, love notes.. Did I mention lists? Expect to see some of those on the blog!

I am hoping to use this blog as a creative outlet to really help myself discover where my true passions lay (and hopefully if you’re reading you will be learning awesome valuable lessons along the way with me). I also want to create a platform where I can share all the things and people that inspire me.

Lastly, I am starting this blog because I want to challenge myself. I’m challenging myself to become a content creator instead of just a content consumer. I want to put awesome kick-ass creative stuff that I can be proud of into the world and be a part of creative communities. I’ve often felt that I am meant to do something more.. something bigger. Maybe this is just the beginning of that? I want to inspire other people to get uncomfortable and try something new. I want to listen to my own advice and have something of my own to be passionate about.

I want to create, write, paint, share, fly, explore, learn, teach, succeed, connect, read, fail, inspire, challenge, grow, and live out loud.

“Be yourself and you can be anything”.

Let’s do this.


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