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I have been noticing that a lot of bloggers I admire have been making mention about how the blogging industry has changed from what it once was.. and I tend to agree. I know I can’t really say much about my OWN blog because it’s a brand spanking’ new little baby.. but as someone who has been an avid reader of blogs- I can totally relate that the heart and soul behind some blogs has been lost a little bit in the mix of things and sometimes people are straying from what it is that made them want to blog in the first place.

Sabrina Smelko wrote a great article called “For Content’s Sake”.. where she digs into the fact that a lot of content on the internet coming from the “blogging” world as of late tends to lack originality and is being made for the sake of filling space, and not for a greater purpose.

This is certainly not to say that there aren’t any original blogs on the internet creating awesome content.. it’s just that there is an influx of “me too” content filling the internet in droves.

Personally, I don’t think I can deal with one more donut photo on Instagram.  There are other things you can take photos of people. *smashes head*

At the same time, nobody wants to be the “bad guy” calling a spade a spade. I am 100% behind supporting people to try new things and be creative, but come on people let’s put one foot outside of the box.

I recently read a great a very inspiring quote  from artist Kathryn MacNaughton on the art website LEXIQUETTE that really resonated with me.

“It frustrates me that we are in our twenties and need to be superstars. I’d much rather be 70 years old, at my peak and making the most beautiful work and coming into myself at that age than burning out in my twenties. Having ambition is perfect, but you have to be okay with the fact that it might take you a long time to get there. You’re still doing what you love to do and that in itself is amazing. You don’t need to be a superstar right away.”

Bang on. So many of us are creating content just for contents sake without any rhyme or reason behind it. And more importantly to that, no heart and soul. Content for traffic. Content for likes. Content so people will think you’re cool/interesting.

Kelsey Cronkhite from Pinegate Road said it great in today’s email newsletter:

Did the expansion of business-based blogging ruin the heart of the industry?

wayfair 2

This is a screen grab from a pretty big biz oriented group board on Pinterest. This makes my head hurt. While all this content is a zillion percent useful to anyone who wants to start their own business, it’s just like… How many posts does there need to be to tell me how to install Google Analytics? How many valuable tips can really exist that can help me grow my Instagram followers? How many checklists, planners, content calendars, free printables, etc etc etc.. You know? It’s a little overwhelming. It’s like that area of blogging is SO oversaturated.

We are all incredibly creative and talented people, so why don’t we start pushing each other to strive for bigger more audacious and original goals? To break the “blogger” mold and use these platforms to create something spectacular?

I just want to try my dearest to use this space and this platform to do something, anything.. that is different and unique.

It’s so weird for me, this process of blogging.. because my vision changes daily. I remember at one point thinking, I am going to have a DIY blog. I love making stuff, so I am going to show other people how to make stuff..

You know how I make stuff? I try a whole bunch of shit, half of it doesn’t work, half of it I don’t finish.. and then eventually (usually weeks, if not months later) I finally finish something but there was no process and I am definitely not going to re-do it and create a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

I also considered the above. I work in social media. I know stuff. I can share what I know! Well guess what, so do a billion other people, type social media into Pinterest. Bingo.

Sigh! The thing is, I am not entirely sure what I do want from this blog, but I think I am pretty sure of what I do not want. I’m hoping to be candid often, get real in the comments, and trudge through this really weird thing we call life. I’m going to share what matters to me, and what I really care about.

This post is getting long, but let’s leave on a positive note. Here’s a few things I am loving lately and a few things on my mind.

Kelsey recently Periscoped her workflow with her followers. It was awesome. I loooove seeing how other people organize their time. She showed us how she maps out her days and she mentioned Audible. Audible is an app for audio books- and she recommended the 12 week year. I hopped on the recommendation and downloaded it- and I am loving it. I am totally a biz head and I love spending my free time learning about all things marketing/business/self improvement- You would be surprised how much extra time you have in a day where you can be learning. For example, yesterday after I downloaded the book, I threw it on speaker and listened for a good hour while I meal prepped and folded laundry.

Lucy from Craftberry Bush also wrote a great post recently about being present.  In line with the above, I have been kind of doing an audit of my time lately. I’ve come to the realization that I spend waaaayyyyy too much time scrolling. Mindless scrolling. I am taking the learnings from this book and I’m planning to really organize and plan out my time so that I don’t end up on the couch at 7PM scrolling the night away. (because what greater purpose does that serve!?)

This weeks goals:

-Finish the book (I have lots of transit time, so I may even listen to it twice. I find that I can dip in and out and lose some great info because my mind starts to wander, so listening to it twice might ensure I don’t miss anything).

-Work on my values homework from Kelsey’s Creative Cohorts course. (If I haven’t mentioned it by now- Kelsey is the brains behind my brand. We worked hand in hand to bring my blog design to life, and we’ve been partners in business now for a few years working on some of my freelance clients brands).

-Write a content calendar (At least for the week, you can do it Autumn!).

-Hit the gym 2 nights (gah.. My GOAL is usually 4, but I am very busy this week so I am holding myself to two). (I started this post in the morning but I finally just got to it now at 9PM.. and I did that- so woop woop. GUN SHOW) Side note, we can also cross off “eat a whole box of Swiss Cheese crackers”…because that happened.

-Meet up with my buddy Nate Kogan. We are planning a pretty awesome collaboration- more on that later!

-Celebrate the launch of Alien Axe with my boo! Bo recently signed a contract with  Beatport and his first sample pack is available for purchase starting Thursday. So proud!

-Friday we are shooting our FIRST MAGAZINE SPREAD at work. SOOOO exciting. I can’t wait to shadow the team and learn all the tricks of the trade on set. Also, I should mention.. our new commercials will be starting to air in two weeks.. they are incredible- I am pumped!

Anyways, that is all from me for now. Just had to get these thoughts and feelings off my chest. Please, comment below! I want my blog to be a place for real conversations. What do you think about the current state of the blogging industry? What are your goals this week?

Let’s TALK.

Post image is a wallpaper sample via The Broadbent Sisters. They are Toronto based multidisciplinary artists & this wallpaper is from their latest exhibition CLEARING SPACES VIII. 


  • um HOLY CRAP. I’m seriously in love with this post! I don’t even know where to begin but I just might word vomit (gross I know) all over this. I work in marketing / social media / freelance world and while I think those posts mentioned above are so helpful, especially for people starting out in biz in any form – it’s exhausting and so oversaturated! I guess what frustrates me is even though I have a business degree, several forms of experience, people want to write me off sometimes because I don’t fill my time blogging about all of that stuff. Honestly, if I spent my time blogging about it – it would make me hate it. I don’t really know what the answer is here, because so many people have built there business on giving away this information to then create products to sell and it’s worked. But I so feel that it’s becoming oversaturated. I’ve also asked some of these bloggers, what do you think the next step is? I feel like if I started blogging this stuff it wouldn’t get anywhere because it feels so oversaturated and honestly pointless? They usually say that it isn’t oversaturated and we all bring unique voices / experiences. Which I get but it doesn’t sit with me. Anyways, maybe this is totally off track of what you’re saying, but either way – I agree – let’s all try to create something a little more fresh / unique!


      Hey Alexandria! Thanks so much for leaving this ah-mazing comment! I am totally on the exact same page about working in social media and having great insight and valuable info to share, but feeling the struggle of not wanting to be another “5 tips to blah blah blah blog”.. I also agree about the importance of having your own unique voice and perspective (and how you can really add value to any industry with your own view), but how can you marry your own view ontop of something so tactical like implementing SEO? You know?! It’s a weird industry right now because we are all super-savvy internet chickies.. but how can we use our internet prowess in a way that’s different? Are we really helping each other right now or are we just piling the same dirt higher and higher? Are we sharing NEW information? NEW tactics? NEW perspectives? I think really breaking through with new ideas and new ways of thinking about tackling social media and marketing is a way to be different in this space. Good luck lady! Thanks for reading!

  • dianeinmyownstyle

    Great post! You hit everything I have been thinking myself about the blogging world in this post. I laughed out loud when I read about the donut photos, but I would add the coffee cup with a swirl in it and a shots of feet with cute shoes. I am new to your blog, found you through Jennifer at Rambling Renovators. Subscribing now to your blog. Happy weekend.

    • Autumn Hachey

      Hey Diane! Thanks for being here, so glad you made your way over. Yeah, there are one or two photos on the internet that have been made more than once… 😉 Heading to check out your blog now! Have a great weekend!